Nutrition Now Vitamins for Kids Review

I am so happy as I just received my iherb parcel after waiting for a long time and thinking the parcel might be lost, but it was not. I am not going to use non tracking shipment from now on but will just pay a tiny extra for DHL Express with tracking.

This is the 2nd bottle of Nutrition Now Rhino Gummy Multi Vitamin that I bought for Josiah and my parcel just arrived. I must sing my praises for this vitamin as it is one vitamin that my picky son won’t refuse. He does not like all other chewable vits but loves the gummy bear, particularly this one. I cannot find this vit in Malaysia, they have them in small bottles in GNC but not the big bottles of 190 gummies. Plus, it’s so much cheaper on iherb, below RM50 for this bottle.

Little active kids just don’t get enough of DHA/EPA in their diet. So I supplement them with this very tasty Omega-3 Gummy fish. I do realise that this one, the DHA is quite minimal and they suggest taking at least 2 to be enough, but it’s still not really enough if your kid’s diet don’t contain much fish or other oils. Well, I just ordered another type of kids DHA supplement and will review them once they get here. I’m thankful that my kids are not particular when it comes to eating yucky stuffs like this coz I train them from 1 year old to start taking, stuffs like kefir etc.

I also supplement Josiah with Vitamin C, also in gummy form. It’s not true that kids who take vitamins that look like sweets will end up taking more other sweets. In Josiah’s case, he doesn’t take any sweets at all, even when people offer him. He will bring back all the sweets people give him and give them to us, most of the time, they end up in the trash. This Vitamin C is a bit special, it has Echinacea in it, and this herb is well known to increase immunity, especially towards coughs and colds.

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  1. It tastes and chews much better than the Flingstone vitamins. My kids love them. They want more than the 2 allowed per day. This is the only “candy” I give them.

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