Jordan turned 1!

This is so backdated, but yes, Jordan turned 1 weeks ago on March 9. We had a small party with mostly cell members from church in our home.


Jordan is not super sociable like Josiah was at 1 so we were definitely contemplating having many people in the house for a party or not. In the end, we decided to go ahead with it for creating memories sake.

We catered some food from my neighbour, Malay style. I was surprised when she came and set up the porch with a tent, tables, glasses, plates etc. We didn’t have to do a thing. I was about to ask John to go out and get those paper plates but she already did everything. Nice. Anyways, Jordan was sleeping away when the party started, in fact he slept longer than the usual nap.

The food was awesome.

Just a simple cake from Secret Recipe, no cute beary cakes as this time, I don’t have an idea what Jordan is crazy about. He is not particularly into soft toys, bears, or anything at all. When we give him toys, he just enjoys throwing it, and mostly, destroying it. While Josiah loves to build blocks and stack rings at 1, Jordan likes to break things! These 2 boys are total opposites haha. How awesome and beautifully created they are.

After everyone’s tummy is filled, we had the cake cutting, and Jordan was still blur and not sure what was going on. He sat in the highchair in entire time coz he was a bit scared of the many people around, only wanting to cling to daddy or me.

I think at the end, Josiah enjoyed the party more than anyone else. We are so thankful to all those that came and made the party merrier, without whom, well it would be just another day. Also so thankful to God for the 1 year we survived with 2 kids! Time really flew by so fast and my baby is no longer a baby now.

Updates on Jordan
We had recently decided to delay the MMR vaccine for Jordan, to reconsider it again after 18 months. There are too many negative reports on it that I just cannot feel safe to give it to him at this young age.

Physically, Jordan is able to crawl really fast, cruise and stand on his own for a few seconds. I hope he can walk very soon.

Character wise, well, Jordan is quite a character of his own. He loves opening and closing drawers and cabinets, a few times he had close it on his fingers, but he would still do it. He loves hanging out in the kitchen for some unknown reason. If I put him on the floor in the living room, he’d nearly always end up in the kitchen. He is very verbal, and shouts loudly when he wants something. For some reason as well, I can nearly always understand what he wants. It is just the different ways that he verbalise it. He is a FOOD LOVER. Jordan loves to eat anything, and if there is a bowl with you, he will definitely gravitate towards you to check out what you are eating. He is willing to try most things, but there are some things that he dislikes, especially sour things. That said, he is ok with Kefir which is sour, and he makes funny faces when eating it but he will continue to eat it. He’s still mainly on porridge daily, but sometimes on weekends, he eats table food when we’re dining outside.

Jordan is down to 2 naps a day, one short one of 30 min and a long one of more than an hour. He can stay awake for much longer, but night time he still goes to back by 8.30pm. I think he can stay up longer, but I prefer to let him sleep earlier, so I can have some one on one time with Josiah too. Yes I still co-sleep with Jordan (AND Josiah)! Actually, I am training them to sleep in their own room, but I sleep in the room with them for now since I am still nursing Jordan at nights. Whatever works best for enough sleep for all of us. Dr Sears really highly recommends co-sleeping for more benefits than just great bonding and better sleep for the kids and the mum. Eventually when Jordan is weaned, I hope to slowly get away from that room haha, but at least the boys know that that is their room.

Josiah and Jordan gets a long pretty well. Jordan is always excited and happy to see Josiah, and I’m happy to report that so far, they do not have many episodes of fighting over the same toys unlike many 2 kids parents I heard from. Maybe they just have very different interests, and that should be good, I think. I think Jordan started calling me Mama directly at me last week, ahhh it did melt my heart. Hope to hear more of it soon.

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