MODBOX Beauty Products Review

When I first heard of Modbox, I was like, what an awesome business idea! I had never come across such a service before, so it was a first time for me. I contacted Modbox and they so graciously gave me a free preview box to try it out. Basically, Modbox in a beauty box subscription service, whereby a user subscribe to a monthly box filled with 5 types of beauty products samples for a mere RM19 a month with an add on of delivery & handling cost – Peninsular Malaysia (RM9 per box), East Malaysia (RM11 per box). The beauty products we get is a surprise, we won’t know what it is until it arrives.

Mod box review

I love the Modbox default purple colour. It came by courier and it’s all properly packed in bubble foam for protection.

Mod box review
Once I opened it, wow the smell is SO GOOD. I think they actually use perfumed paper or just spray lots of perfume into the box before closing it. It also came with a customised handwritten note, what a nice touch.

Mod box review
A letter accompanies and it detailed the products we are getting inside the box.

Mod box review
So this is what I got in my March Modbox. SF Beauty Skin’s Remover Cleansing Gel, Timeless and Whitening Cream from Cosmeteq, Le Masque Hazelia’s mask, SF Beauty Skin’s tinted Sunblock and and a full sized Luview’s Long Lash Mascara. I was really happy to get something full sized with the box and not all samples only.

Next, I got to trying each of the products out.

Mod box review
RM100 for 150 ML SF Beauty Skin’s Remover Cleansing Gel

First off, wash my face with the cleansing gel. This SF Beauty Skin’s Remover Cleansing Gel is a 2-in-1 products, it works as a Fash Wash and a Eye and Face Makeup remover. I tried using it as a Makeup remover on my face by just squeezing a small amount onto my palm and applying it on my whole face with makeup on, and just gently massage. The gel actually became lumps, the texture is like phlegm and the makeup is all stuck in it! After massaging and adding a bit of water, I just rinsed it off. What I love love love about it is it is not like those oil based makeup remover where I have to rewash my face with cleansing gel again as it would be so oily. This is not oily at all, and my face felt clean yet not dry after washing it off. I can go straight to using my toner.

RM125 for 30 ml SF Beauty Skin – Perfect Glow Sunscreen

Mod box review
Next I tried the sunblock and yay it’s tinted. I hate putting a lot of different creams on my face in the daytime, so this tinted sunblock is great to be used as light makeup to balance my skin tone. I love the texture and the colour, I just applied this and I don’t need any powder or foundation at all. It has SPF30 so it’s just nice. The sample sachet I received can be used for sometime, I just put it all in my extra sample jar.

Mod box review

RM59.90 for 15g Cosmeteq – Whitening Cream

Mod box review
Next up is the Whitening Cream. It also has a tinted texture, so it can be used in the day and night. This cream doesn’t bleach your skin but supposedly work to whiten any dark spots over long use. It is not oily upon application so it’s great, although I can’t tell from one application how effective it will be.

RM139.90 for 15g Cosmeteq – Timeless

Mod box review

This is an anti-aging serum filled with collagen, so it comes at a price. I did feel a bit of tightening on my skin after applying it and I liked the non oily light texture, I didn’t feel like there is a layer of cream on my face after applying this. So not bad.

RM42.90 Luview – Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara

The price of this mascara already covers the price of the box had I paid for it. So subscribing to Modbox is definitely worth it since you will actually get some full sized products. This mascara is Korean made, the brush is quite big for my short lashes, but it can still apply the mascare without smudging on my lids. The mascare is quite light compared to some I’ve used before, it doesn’t create a thick black layer that is hard to wash off. In fact, I just used the SF Beauty Skin’s Remover Cleansing Gel directly to wash it and it didn’t leave behind any black marks on my lids. I’d recommend this to those who dislike hard to wash off types of mascara.

The only thing I haven’t tried is the mask. I will have to do that when I’m home alone, as my kids are so afraid to see me with the mask on!
Anyways, I think this Modbox service is worth a try, especially great for busy women who do not have time to go search for samples and products and do not want to buy full sized products only to waste it if it is not suitable for their skin. After trying these 4 products, I have the confidence to say that Modbox crew is committed to introducing only great products that they themselves will use and not just any sample they can get their hands on. I look forward to trying out other stuffs with Modbox in the future. By the way, if you subscribe to a 6 months plan, per box becomes cheaper at only RM16.50 rather than RM19.00.

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