How to Get Rewarded For Buying Vitamins Online

I first heard about this online shopping site iHerb from some mummy forums back in July. I looked it up and it had the most amazing range of products at a cheap price compared to buying in the store in Malaysia. Furthermore, shipping is really cheap and at that time even free. I jumped on the bandwagon after seeing many mummies receiving their products from this site and raving about the service.

This was my first purchase from the site, and it was mostly baby food. The Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice costs only USD4.91, where by in Aeon, it costs RM20+. I started to love this brand as my kids love it and bought a few more times from the Yogurt Bites to the Cereals. Josiah also loves the Yummy Earth Vitamin C Lollipops. He calls it the healthy lollipops because it’s made entirely of fruit juice and no added sugar. Josiah doesn’t eat any other sweets besides this.

I’d ordered now up to 4 times and my products always arrived safely from 2 weeks to a month. In fact, my sister Gabby also started buying from this site and I’d earned rewards when she used my iHerb gift code FEF467. Ok so this is the part of how you can get rewarded just shopping and spreading your code. This code can only be used by first time shoppers. Any new customer I refer will receive $10 off their first order of $40 or more, or they can take $5 off orders less than $40. In turn, I will earn valuable credits in my iHerb account, which I can use towards new purchases. Recently, I looked into my account and realised 2 persons had used my code and because of that, my last purchase got free shipping as I used the rewards to set it off. It’s a win-win situation. When my sister makes her 2nd order, she doesn’t get to use my code anymore, however, she can also spread her gift code to her friends, and when her friends buy things using her code, I get to earn 3% of their purchases and she get to earn 4% of it. This goes on to the 4th level, where I get 1% and she gets 2%.

It’s win-win for my family too as I get to buy Josiah’s vitamins on this site at a bargain. He is rather picky and would only eat Nutrition Now Gummy Bears, and this product is only available in one shop in Malaysia and it is priced heftily. Plus, the one in Malaysia doesn’t have that Big 190 gummy size. Ok, besides vitamins, there are also beauty products and loads of other good, healthy organic products on iHerb.

Do check it out and don’t forget to use my gift code FEF467 so you can save on your first purchase. Get all your kid’s products here for a bargain.

Did I mention, all my purchases always come with my selected freebie and a freebie they would add in, so far I received a pen, a highlighter, and a mirror.

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