Mini Portable Refrigerator for Mums

It seems that Groupon is now reading my mind. Before the weekend, I was just browsing for mini portable refrigerators and it is suddenly on sale on Groupon. I was just thinking to myself how useful a mini portable refrigerator that can fit 4-6 cans be for new mums who need to express milk at the workplace. It is always a challenge to do such things as not all workplaces have a fridge. Thankfully, mine does, we have two. However, for most new mums hopeful to be successful at breastfeeding their child for long terms, pumping or expressing milk at work is a definite thing to do. That will mean having to invest in a good double pump (so it’s faster and won’t take up work time), lots of bottles for keeping the milk, and most important the fridge to store the milk at work. Oh not to mention a safe comfortable place to pump. Sometimes that is not available, and no choice, the last place I can think of is the toilet. I think most office toilets are not as bad as public ones right.

So back to the refrigerator. Groupon is selling one for RM215, buying one from the original site will be RM275 with shipping. With Groupon however, one needs to add RM18 for shipping to P. Malaysia.

The fridge is quite a nice, nifty device. I won’t mind having onejust that I guess I don’t really need it at all. But if I’m one of those mums facing the no fridge in office problem, this will be a really great thing to get. This can even be used in the car. I would suggest you to check out the commercial undercounter refrigerator dimensions before choosing the style and model of a refrigerator that you desire for your home or offices.

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