Free RM500 voucher to shop at Modernmum

I had been a faithful reader of Parenthood Magazine since before Josiah’s birth and I always took the opportunity to join the baby contests in it. So far, Josiah had won his fare share of prizes but this time it was my turn. I decided to submit for the Modernmum contest when I got pregnant with Jordan. Granted my bump was really tiny when I submitted for the contest and I only won it in January 2012’s publication.

However, the sponsor only sent the price last week in end of February, and I only managed to go to the Parenthood office this Wednesday to get the price and this week I am only 1 week plus away from my due.

So I was given a big letter, said as the voucher and a cert, what do I do with the cert? Anyways, I thought I was able to buy anything in Modernmum, but unfortunately when I went there, I was only allowed to buy the dresses and clothes, and that also only the ones not on sale already. Quite misleading was the contest, but nevermind, I needed a dress for a wedding anyways. I would definitely have preferred to buy some electronic stuffs, or bags or something.

So I searched for the dresses that I could possibly wear even after maternity, not easy to find. Finally I settled for a blouse and a maxi dress.

The dresses in Modernmum come with killer price tags, yes these few pieces already cost more than RM500. In fact, I had to add on RM7.


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