Best Customer Service Award Goes to…

When it comes to customer service, I can become extremely particular. It is as if I am always ‘working’ and ‘checking’ on customer service of whatever company. A few months ago, I blogged about Bros being a new Malaysian company selling nicely designed BPA bottles. It is a great more affordable alternative to the more famous Sigg bottles.

However, after using the Matte bottle for a while, I was really disappointed because it leaks. When it was in my bag, it leaked and caused water to enter my iPhone’s ports, and the phone became wonky for a while. When I put it lying down on the bed, all the water seeped into my mattress. So I made a complaint through the website.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive their reply immediately and their explanation, citing that there is a problem with their matte range of bottles. Well, at least they admit their fault right. They offered to make an exchange one to one, but advised me to pick another range. Initially they wanted me to go to their outlet, but that’s in One Utama. I wanted to be able to exchange at the outlet I bought it, which was in Metro Kajang. After some discussion, they actually offered to send their salesperson to meet up at Metro Kajang.

However on that day we were supposed to meet, I couldn’t get out of my house, you know, with a toddler and all, plus John was working, it was a big hassle to drive there, park and look for this unknown guy. So I smsed the salesperson, and asked if it was much trouble to send it to my house instead, to which he said no problem. 🙂 So I was pretty impressed with the ‘all out’ customer service, just to make this one customer happy, they are willing to bring a bottle, all the way. I think I will continue to promote and use Bros products for a long time to come. By the way, I love their new range, Mug2Go.

This can keep water, juice, drinks hot or cold up to 6 hours. Pretty neat.

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