18 weeks


Sept 11, my third checkup. I am putting on more weight than I should, although my Gynae didn’t tell me to watch my diet or anything. On the scale, I put on another 2 kg. Today’s check was a little different, I had my blood taken. The doc used a large needle, like those used for blood donation and sucked out 2 tubes of blood. Then it’s the usual urine check which was normal and the ultrasound scan. As you can see from the picture above, the fetus is rather big now at 15cm. Today I can see the head, hands and legs very clearly, however there is only one problem. The fetus is in a breech position, with the placenta on the side. The normal position should have the placenta on top.

I got a bit worried at first, but after some reading, found that it is quite normal to be in breech position at this time, and the baby has lots of time to turn to the head down position still. Plus, I have a very good news, the doc told me the sex of the baby, it’s ‘most probably’, he said, to be a boy. He marked in his records as XY. He seemed very sure, and I do hope he’s right about it, so I can be more decisive on shopping for what things later. The fees today were rather high, what with the blood test and the milk powder. I had been consuming Dumex Mamil Mama third can now, at RM33 each can, one every month.

7 Responses to 18 weeks

  1. eeee… such a wonder! 🙂

    don’t worry about the position of the baby, still got tonnes of time for him to turn.

    tell la the names! share share ma… why so shy? 😛

  2. Wah, Lion…I’ve not been here a while then got this wonderful news from John…congrats 2x…dun wori about anything…God already had a plan for your baby…just wait in patience and in anxiousness (obviously)...can’t wait for the next update…say hi to John..

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