Let’s Go To Camp This School Holiday

The year end school holiday is fast approaching. For many parents, it can be a harrowing time as the kids all stay home! As a working mum, it doesn’t affect me as much. However, I do not like my kids to idle the holidays away doing nothing. I am always thinking of letting them learn something new during this time. That’s when I found out about the CEFL English Adventure Camp and watched these videos on their youtube. I was really excited about letting my 7 year old Josiah attend his first ever camp without us. The icing on the cake was when he was more excited than me about it.

The CEFL English Adventure Camp is designed to inspire confidence through adventure and fun and the same time instilling three key learning outcomes:

Language: Practical use and development of English communication skills.

Leadership: Learning how to work in a team, being a responsible leader and overcoming challenges together.

Life Skills: Becoming a certified hero at the end of the adventure – Confident, motivated, creative, independent and resilient.

adventure camp

Here are some things that CEFL English Adventure Camp believe can happen for our children:

  1. Make An Impact

  2. Challenge Them Out Of Their Comfort Zone

  3. Attitude and Behavioral Change

  4. Can Do Attitude

  5. Problem Solving Skills

  6. Independence

  7. Creating Leaders

  8. Builds Confidence

  9. Children Showing Potential

Wow, nearly ten amazing things that we as parents want to see in our children. They are totally in line with what I foresee in Josiah and Jordan as they grow. Children today are so blessed that sometimes they tend to take things for granted. I believe being away from home for those 5 days from Dec 10-14, 2016 will take Josiah out of his comfort zone. Most times than not, change happens when we are least comfortable.

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I’m one of those over worried parents, so it’s great that the actual programme for everyday is listed in their website. Also, I was told that they have on-site nurses to attend to any emergency situations. Even for water activities, the children will be fully equipped with safety gears and properly monitored at all times. I guess those assurances took away all my worries and I am left with nothing but excitement and anticipation for the day! I can’t wait to also share the changes I believe I will see in Josiah after the camp. I’m also looking forward to hear his many stories of his amazing experiences there.

I believe he will totally thank me for sending him to this camp  and he will remember it for life. It is after all, going to be his first ever camp all on his own. If we as parents have many complaints about our own children’s attitude,  we have to hold ourselves responsible for not giving them the opportunity to change. The CEFL English Adventure Camp is that once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my son. It is my special gift for him to set him on the right course.

CEFL English Adventure Camp:

Date: 10-14 December 2016

Venue: Lembah Azwen Resort, Hulu Langat..

For more information, do check out the CEFL Malaysia’s Facebook And Cambridge For Life’s official website..
For my readers, use the code CEFLLEONA2016 to get a special rate and an additional referral discount of 10% will be given if you bring a friend.

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