DIY Your Own Scented Lotion by Bare Sasa

Bare Sasa knows how our mood always changes. Before going to work, we will want to put on a scent gives us an energy boost or something that inspires us to be enthusiastic and creative. After work, the scent that attracts us most would be something that is relaxing and refreshing, detoxing and calming. If we have a date or even a girls’ night out, we would reach for a scent that brightens and rejuvenates, or something that can charge us up and excites us.

During a recent workshop held by Bare at Mid Valley Roadshow, I learned exactly how to create my own scented lotion with five types of lotion available namely Peppermint that is uplifting and refreshing, Lemongrass & Ginger that is Invigorating + Detox, Bergamot & Geranium that is Calming & Deep Cleansing, Green Tea that is Soothing + Brightening and finally Rosemary that is Relaxing + Hydrating.

There are really no rules of what kind of scent we want to mix up. However, Bare does have a recipe suggestion also found on the website, just in case are are no expert of scent. It was fun to mix and match and find the perfect scent to match our mood. If you like to play scientist, then this is one product you will fall in love with.

Bare Body lotions come in the miniature size set of the five scent with one mixing bottle (RM29.90). The original size is 500ml each (RM42). Those who just want to try out the new blend of paraben free lotion can always buy the miniature set. I find it really easy to bring it about as well.

Bare also has their range of hair shampoo and conditioner for all hair types, such as Damaged Hair, Frizzy Hair, Weakened Scalp, Dull & Lifeless Hair, Thinning & Hair Loss, or even Dry Hair at RM46 each. Bare also teaches us how to alternate different variants each day according to our hair types. I think it is quite a good idea to use different types of shampoo each day. Every one of them targets a different hair problem. Sometimes we really have more than one problem with our hair.

It was a fun time making our own DIY lotion with the girls. For more information, visit SASA Facebook Page or Bare website today!

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