X-One Ultra Cable for iPhones


What cable do you use to  charge your phone? I had been struggling for the last two years to find a good iPhone lightning cable to charge my phone. My original iPhone cable had broken long ago and I had probably bought over 5 compatible cheap cables and 3 original cables over that time. The only reliable cable is the original one thought they do not last at all. Whereas compatible ones always  break not physically but somehow they stop charging or charging becomes really slow. So recently I found X-One Ultra Cable which claims to be really tough and rugged. So I decided to give it a try to see how it compares with others that I had used. Below are the main features of this cable.
✓ 10 times more durable than original cables.
✓ Strengthened with Military material used in Kevlar bulletproof vests.
✓ MFi certified by Apple. No more iOS incompatibility issues.
✓ Ultra Fast 2.4A Charging.
✓ Interlocking dock design for extra pull strength.
✓ Built to last with 2 years manufacturer warranty.
✓ Available for Apple and Android in 1.5m and 3m lengths.


I got the shorter version of all their available cables at 1.5m and yet it is already longer than the original cable. I love the length as I like to charge my phone in my handbag and carry it around at the same time with the powerbank in the bag. So I need a longer cable so it is easier to still use it and take pictures on the go. The body is not just plastic but it is covered in thread like material which they claim is used in bulletproof vests. One thing though is that the thread will eventually fray. I bought a compatible cable before and this happened too. Well, as long as it is still functional.


The internal of the X-One cable is different as well. The power supple terminal contains eighty 0.12mm premium quality tinned copper wires. This just makes it really strong. I also love that the wire can be shaped and bent to stay in a particular shape, not the soft type. Did you know that knock off cables are only 0.08mm and the output is only 1.0A? That is why the charging is slower. Using X-One, the output is at 2.4A so charging becomes faster if you use it together with one of those fast chargers or powerbanks.


It comes with its own clear casing too, it will be better to keep it in the casing to protect it but for me I just chuck it into my handbag!


It comes with its own cable tie so when not in use, I will twist it up like this and keep it in my handbag. Unlike my usual cable, they will be tangled up with all the things in my bag.

I didn’t get to test it to carry weights or use it in the gym of course, but just watching this video and looking at the quality of the one on my hands, I believe this wire is quite tough. It is probably able to withstand heavy loads but that is not really the point I need in a charging cable. As long as it is able to last a long time and is able to charge fast without any issues. They are so confident their cable is built to last that they offer all buyers with 2 year’s manufacturer warranty!

Because it is also MFi certified by Apple I could also plug it into the computer to transfer files without facing issues of cable that cannot be recognised etc which is notorious with many non Apple products. IT is available in four colours that matches the iPhone colour, Gold, Black, Grey and Rose Gold, cool right? There’s also a longer one at 3m. Super long and probably useful for use in houses where the plug point is really far from your seat or something.

X-one also makes cables for Android ya.
Availability of Ultra Cable in terms of colours and lengths – X.One® Ultra Cable’s price
o Apple Lightning 1.5m: RM 99.00
o Apple Lightning 3.0m: RM 129.00
o Micro USB 1.5m: RM 69.00
o Micro USB 3.0m: RM 89.00

For more info and purchases, visit Tag X.One® Facebook shop and also their official webpage shop.

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