English Saddle pads

Spending a lot of time in the saddle can lead to discomfort for both the rider and the horse. Thankfully, there are a number of equestrian accessories made to provide comfort on long rides. Here are a few of the best.

Comfortable Shoes

As a rider, you may not give too much thought to comfortable footwear. You’re seated the entire ride, after all. On a long ride, however, it’s important to wear riding boots that don’t pinch or cause blisters. Look for boots with a cushioned sole and a heel that can easily catch the stirrup. Make sure your toes have ample room as well.

The Right Helmet

The helmet is the most important riding accessory. Even if you and your horse are only going for a leisurely stroll, wearing your helmet is nonnegotiable. Falling can lead to head injuries, regardless of the pace of the horse. If you’re planning to ride long distances, though, it’s important to find a helmet that doesn’t leave you feeling overheated. Look for one that is lightweight and made of breathable materials.

Leave the Jeans at Home

It’s always tempting to go riding in ordinary blue jeans. But jeans can lead to unpleasant chafing, and this can be uncomfortable on long rides. Stop wearing street clothes and find pants specially made for riding. Riding jeans have flat seams and are constructed out of stretchy material, and they are a great choice for a long ride. There is also a wide assortment of riding tights to choose from. Most riding tights are made from a combination of cotton and spandex. They’re built to keep you comfortable on the saddle.

Invest in a Saddle Pad

A good saddle pad can be an invaluable resource on a long ride. They promote proper alignment, get rid of moisture and heat, and they help to distribute weight. If you’re looking for new saddle pads, English Habit offers several varieties. These English saddle pads are suitable for all purposes, and they come in a number of colors.

Try Half-Chaps

Long rides lead to chafing. If you’ve noticed that your calves are frequently chapped after taking your horse out for a run, think about purchasing half-chaps. They will prevent unpleasant leg chafing, and they’ll make sure riding pants stay in place.

Riding a horse doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. With a few accessories and a little effort, anyone can enjoy a pain free ride.

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