Fly Guy Fun Readers by Ted Arnold

My kids are slowly, or maybe quickly, turning into bookworms. Now I have to feed them books for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.Try reading a long wordy book for bedtime, probably very soon the sun will rise. It is quite hard for us to get the kids to sleep early. Reading helps to settle them down as a routine. However, I try to keep bedtime words easy to read and short.

There are five books inside this box set and there is even a CD with the catchy Fly Guy song. You can even find the song on youtube.

Did you know that even older kids like Josiah enjoys the fun jokes in the book and stories too. The story is quite ridiculous but most importantly, it stirs the kids’ imagination.

It tells of a kid meeting a fly and actually keeping the fly as a pet. The fly now named Fly Guy follows the kid everywhere!

In our lives, flies are a pest. We normally do not like flies in our houses. If we do see them, we want to extinguish them.  The family of the boy even accepts Fly Guy as one of their family members. I guess you can say the story teaches about acceptance even in the most impossible of situations.

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