The Mentholatum all new 3-in-1 Lip Fondue

Mentholatum never cease to amaze with new and innovative lip products and this time they churned out one that is really different from the rest. The 3-in-1 lip fondue is a Lip Essence + Lip Balm + Lip Mask all in one small tube. They come in a pair with interesting names too, the Aurora 3D Pearl Lip Fondue and the Cassis Rose Lip Fondue.


This lip fondue, which I believe will be the new name that sets the trend for such products, is an ultra-nourishing lip balm with high moisturizing performance.

Here’s the 3-in-1 benefit:

  • Lip Essence – Enriched with Royal Jelly extract, Honey and Olive Oil that deeply penetrates into the skin layers of your lips to replenish moisture for a firmer appearance

  • Lip Balm – Enhanced with unique super soft formulation to provide lips with intense and long lasting moisture

  • Lip Gloss/Lip Mask- Formulated and enhanced with 3D particles, the Aurora 3D Pearl Lip Fondue can be served as a “lip gloss”. The 3D pearl is twinkling in response to the light to produce a more 3 dimensional lips. On the other hand, the Cassis Rose Lip Fondue can be used overnight as a “leave-on mask” to help moisturise and nourish your lip, keeping it hydrated throughout the night.

It’s basically colourless, but adds shine, and the one with 3D has some tiny sparkles in it.

I love how it’s extra moisturizing and thick compared to normal lip balms, it’s great for travelling especially when on a flight that can be extra extra dry.

Another great thing is they both come with sun protection formula that helps protect the lips from UV rays, yea even our lips need sun protection did you know? Both variants are specially designed with dial lock tubes to allow for an easy control of the lip balm at all times. Alternatively, you can apply it on bare lips or on top of a lipstick. To obtain optimised results when using the all-new Lip Fondue, apply 2-3 layers onto lips when needed.


Priced at RM17.90 each, they will be available exclusively at all Guardian Pharmacies in Malaysia.

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