Mentholatum Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalms Review

One of my favourite brand Mentholatum has created a brand new Coloured Lip Balm and it’s called Sugar Lip. Why sugar you say? Well, that’s because it features a unique Brown Sugar recipe which has the ability to nourish and smoothen your lips. That is why we usually use brown sugar as a DIY lip scrub too.  Brown sugar has the natural ability to keep things moist as it is a humectant, so using this can keep my lips hydrated always, yes skin on the lips is really just as important if not more than the skin on the face. It is quite suffering if you have dry and crack lips as I faced that before, especially if working in an air-conditioned and dry environment. Sugar Lip’s Crystal Brown Sugar formulation will melt into the lips immediately when applied to ensure the lips remain moisturized, soft, supple and youthful most importantly. They say you can tell a woman’s age by the lines on her neck and the colour of her lips. Dry lips are usually dull and full of lines. Just look at lips of my kids, they look like they have natural lipstick on all the time.


The Sugar Lip by Water Colour lip balm also contain Super Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and MaxiLip to provide long-lasting moisture, giving you the most kissable soft lips at the same time looking make-up free and natural, that’s all the trend these days, you have to put on make-up to look like you do not have make-up on. So if that’s your kind of rave, then coloured lip balm is the way to go. This latest Sugar Lip Lipbalm comes in four soft shades of pink to bring and their colours are truly natural and pretty. They are 01 Vintage Pink, 02 Dancing Pink, 03 Kissy Pink and 04 Rock n Pink. I received the 01 Vintage Pink and 03 Kissy Pink for my review.


01 Vintage Pink has a slightly purplish shade. I like this as I like purple lipstick most of the time. It glides on easily and smoothly on the lips. One layer will produce a lighter shade, and glide a few times to produce a little more colour. This will probably be the colour I’d go for if I repurchase again.

03 Kissy Pink is slightly towards orange colour.
On the skin, they all turn more pink of course.
Although they are both pink, there is quite an obvious difference when placed side by side. I prefer using Kissy Pink in the day and Vintage Pink in the evenings when I do not need a full on makeup. It is easy to put on without having to define the lip lines as it is light, so sometimes I use it without even needing a mirror.

The stick looks like a lipstick though, but smaller and one thing is once opened, there is no indication on the body which colour this is, so I have to open it to know. Also, take not that it is still a lip balm not a lipstick so the colour comes off easily and need to be reapplied frequently.
Check out the long list of ingredients here. Are you ready to fall in love with the natural pink shades?
The Sugar Lip by Water Colour is now available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets at RM15.80 (3g) each starting February 2016.

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28 Responses to Mentholatum Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalms Review

  1. It’s quite glossy right ? But I think it works for hydrating the lip. I’m loving the sweet smells and the cute design. Just hoping I’m gonna finish it before try another lipsticks.. hehehehh

  2. Brown Sugar?! That’s the base for some of my fav body scrubs so makes sense for lip exfoliation too. And you’re right, those lines are definitely signs of aging so whatever we can do to keep lips pretty & plump!

  3. You calligraphy caught my sight… haha.
    The colour is outstanding as a lipbalm wish that can have the photos after you applied on your lips 😊

  4. Love the pink shades! however i wonder how it will look on the lips. I often double lipstick as my blusher, but i think this is too glossy for that. It looks hydrating, so maybe this time lipstick is meant for the lips, and only lips! XD

  5. This was the brand that my gf was talking about. Looks like you have a good impression about this brand overall. Will share this post with my gf if it could help her to make a better decision.

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