A-Look Opens in Alamanda Putrajaya

A-look is now open in Alamanda Putrajaya! When we think about A-look, we think of the latest and trendy eyewear available from around the world. Let me show you what’s special and available in this particular store.

A-look Alamanda is opened by Mr Lee Jin Tzer who also recently opened another outlet in The Mines. I learned so much in a short time spent with Mr Lee as he was able to explain all the technical aspects of picking the right eyewear and why certain types of glass was used. Mr. Lee was very professional and definitely very qualified with a list of achievement under his belt, including: – AXISMATICS-ABDO Best Full Time Student Award -Year 2003 – OPSM-AXISMATICS FBDO-Top Student Award Year – 2003 2nd Prize – Hans Stepper Prize in Best Overseas Student Year – 2003 – Distinction Grade in Eye Refraction Examination

Check out the current opening promotion available here! Get your second pair of Owl Eyewear at 50% off.
If you already wear glasses, and you do not want to have to take it off to wear your sunglasses, then this sunglasses is for you. You can just wear it over your glasses. It’s now going for free for the first 100 customers at A-Look Alamanda Putrajaya.

A-look eyewear All In ONE price goes from RM179 - RM399 for the OWL brand. It is quite affordable if you ask me. Special upgrades are available too if you want to change your lens from the E-SPF High Index Aspheric Lens to Super/Ultra High index aspherix lenses, Blue Light and UV Protection Lenses, Light Adaptive Aspherix Lenses and Tinted Lenses at the upgrade cost or RM99. Further upgrades are also available at RM199 if you are looking for very specific higher quality lenses.
A-Look carries SuperDry sunglasses! I was so happy to see how colourful they are. They are super comfortable too, there’s a huge difference in quality and comfort between branded and cheap sunglasses after trying a few out.

As usual, I’m super attracted to the purple one, but I’m not sure if it suits my face shape. Fortunately, at A-look all the optical consultants are trained to find the right shape of eyewear to compliment your face shape. If you have a round face, never never buy a round or angled type of frame as it will make your face more round. Also try not to go with more childish models, instead choose a broad frame that will make you look more mature and sophisticated. If you have a heart shaped face, it means you have a broader forehead and a tapered chin, then you should wear a more lightweight and polygonal frame. For the square faced, don’t wear matching square frames, instead go for round frames so your face looks more inviting. For oval faced people, which is usually known as the easiest shape face to match anything, you can suit nearly all types of frames. It only depends on your skin tone and face length to decide on the frame type. For eg, if you have a long face, then you are more suited to box-type frames to reduce the length of your face visually. Basically, these are what I learned but every one of the consultant will be able to help you pick and choose a pair or eyewear that will match you perfectly.

A-Look also carry Rudy Project glasses specially for the sporty ones. It’s so important to wear a quality sports glasses that doesn’t break like this one. Mr Lee showed us pictures of cyclists who crashed in a race and their glasses broke into pieces and pierced into their faces and eyes, alarming indeed. If you have to wear glasses while cycling, running, mountain climbing etc, make sure it’s Rudy Project!

Some might prefer Oakley, another great option for the sporty ones. These are impact resistant and great news, you get a further 20% discount if you tell them you are my reader!

Some of the prescription glasses are even bendable! Actually they are called FLEX. I wish there were these type last time when I made my glasses, they are super light and feels like wearing nothing on the face. The reason I disliked wearing glasses last time was how heavy they are. Also some of frames don’t even have screws, they are just seamless and super thin.

Ray Ban are a classic! Even my dad knows this brand as it has been well known for many years, and probably the brand with the most fakes. They have polarized and non polarized glasses and until today, Ray Ban is the choice of American pilots. I learned some new things about polarized glasses from Mr Lee, that we can actually see clearer through such lens and reflections from other glass surfaces won’t be blinding through a polarized lens. Even driving in the rain would be safer wearing a pair of polarized lens which would make our view clearer.

A-Look also carry a lot of branded and luxury sunglasses that are usually worn by celebrities such as BVLGARI, TIFFANY & CO, ARMANI EXCHANGE, PRADA and so on. They are really beautifully ornamented with authentic Swarovski crystals and beautiful designs on the frames.

I’m so in love with these pair of Tiffany & Co, with jewellery on all their sunglasses actually match the jewellery line, I love the contrasting Tiffany blue and black and the eye popping metallic silver accents. Simply beautiful. For contact lens wearer, they are available here too with many types of brands from Freshlook to Alcon with specialty contact lens for dry eye and PC users.

A-Look EyeWear @ Alamanda Putrajaya
Lot LG-08 Lower Ground
Alamanda Shopping Centre,
Jalan Alamanda, Precinct 1,
62000 Putrajaya,
Wilayah Persekutuan

For more information about A-look please visit http://www.a-look.com.my/

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