Korean Snack Street Churros Opens in IOI City Mall Putrajaya

I’ve heard a lot about unique and nice Korean Street food but since I don’t have the privilege to go there, the next best thing is to try them out locally, and for that, I must find the most authentic one only. Street Churros is one of them, with ingredients all flown directly from Korea and the churros made fresh on the spot, plus it’s near to me at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Althought Churros really hails from Latin American, particularly well known in Spain, the world’s largest Churros Café chain Street Churros managed to get it really popular in Korea and now to Malaysia.
This is the packet flour and ingredients that is not sourced locally but imported.
The churros is made at the shop front, so customers can really get the feel of street food and watch how it is done step by step.
Churros is deep fried to perfection, crunchy in every bite.

Watch the owner Datuk Joe Tan, explain in detail about the Churros!
There are many variations of the way Churros is served here, but this is the signature and basic one, simply called Churros. It comes in different flavours from left to right, Cinnamon, Cheese and Chocolate (RM4.90). I was told Cinnamon is the best selling one too. You can opt for dipping sauces which come in Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Strawberry and Blueberry for an additional RM1.50.
Did you know this horse-shoe shape is chosen for Churros as it means luck and protection? Anyways, I love the cheese churros, it kinda taste like cheese rings we love as kids. I even dip it in Cream Cheese coz I am cheese crazy like that. It goes so well with some mean coffee, more about the drinks in a while.

This is called Filling-Chu if you love your pastry with cream inside. We can choose the filling too, from Chocolate, Cream Cheese or Blueberry at RM7.90.
As a snack to walk around the mall with, I think this is definitely of greater convenience. My kids love this, Josiah ate a whole piece by himself.
Ice cream lovers can opt for this, “Ah-Chu”. What a funny name right? The ice cream comes in a choice of four flavours, namely Choco Choco, Strawberry, Choco Berry and not forgetting Plain Vanilla.
Choco Berry is my fav, and beware as the Churros is hot and the ice cream is cold, so it will start to melt pretty fast. Why, I tend to love to eat my hot fries with ice cream, so hot churros in ice cream is seriously what I love to do.

Matcha lovers helo! They serve a real mean Green Tea Latte here, hot (RM7.90) or cold (RM8.90) for a pretty good price.
I do find the drinks a little too sweet, so next time I will ask for less sugar syrup for sure. That said, the green tea is very thick and not watered down.

Choco Latte is great for chocolate lovers.
There are a variety of other drinks, coffee and chocolate drinks too. I only had another drink which is the Cafe Latte, which is brewed with real beans and very strong as well as the White Choco Real Banana Shake (RM9.90). There is something about Koreans with Bananas.
I love the Banana Shake though, after all the sweet and fried food, the banana shake is super refreshing and cooling going down really smoothly. Of course, there are other fruity drinks like Fresh Lemonade and Passion Fruit Ade.
streetchurros blogger
Fun with my blogger friends while savouring Churros! Pic by SallySamsaiman.com
This is the first café in Malaysia, and Street Churros has plans to open another five more cafés in shopping malls across the Klang Valley by the end of this year. Hurray! For more updates and info, do like https://www.facebook.com/StreetChurrosMY/ and instagram https://www.instagram.com/streetchurrosmy/ 

Street Churros
LG-66A Lower Ground Floor IOI City Mall,
62500 IOI Resort City, Putrajaya

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