Sakae Sushi Turns Delightful 19!

Sakae Sushi has always been one of my kids’ fav dining places, we will go there nearly every Sunday as Kids Eat Free on Sundays too. They always have amazing promotions as well and this time is no different as the iconic green dancing froggy turns 19. Time flies as I remember celebrating with Froggy and he was 18!

Check out this fun Dine, Match and Redeem promotion going on from 1 Aug – 31 Oct 2016. There are basically only 3 steps to follow.

Step 1: Dine

Just dine with your friends or family the minimum amount of RM60, and you will get one FREE Delightful Gift Card with a puzzle inside. I got mine, and my puzzle is A. There are only 4 types of puzzle you can get, A, B, C or D.

Step 2: Match
Open up the Gift Card and stick the puzzle where it should be. You need to collect at least 2 different puzzles in order to redeem your free meal. The puzzle is a sticker so just stick it on.

Step 3: Redeem
Once you put the puzzle together, then you can see whawt kind of meal you will be getting. For example, with 2 matching puzzles you will get 1 free dish, with 3 matching puzzles you will get 3 free dishes and the grand prize which is 4 matching puzzles and you can redeem 4 free dishes and 1 limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie.


The plushies are actually sushi, above Tamago Sushi and Ebi Sushi, below Salmon Sushi.
There are three designs for the limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie, and they are all super cute! It’s quite big and nice to hug or sleep on. In fact, even though the dine and match promotion ends on 31 Oct, you can still redeem until 15 Nov or while stock last. Every one of the design as a unique meaning, for example, the Salmon Sushi is carrying a mini airplane which means that all salmon at Sakae Sushi is air-flown fresh from the
Atlantic The Tamago Sushi plushie which is carrying the chicken and eggs with its hands indicates Sakae Sushi’s farm-to-table philosophy, and last but not least, the fun-looking Ebi Sushi plushie drinking green tea which means customers of Sakae will have a fun-filled dining experience at all times. At the back of each Plushie is a wonderful message that expresses the dream of Sakae Sushi’s founder – Think Sushi, Think Sakae.

How about the four free meals we can redeem with the puzzles? Well, if you get matching puzzle A and B, you can redeem a free Sakae Teishoku set (RM26.99) . This is actually my fav set meal, I order this all the time. I love especially the grilled scallop with Mentaiko mayo, and the generous portions of the breaded chicken cutlet served with Japanese curry which is not spicy so I love it. Of course, it is completed with rice and Sakae chawanmushi & miso soup, a very fulfilling and complete meal on its own!

Sushi lovers would want to pray you get the Fuku Set (RM28.99) only if you managed to match puzzle C and D!

This is definitely my target. A platter of all my favourite sushi
combination – salmon sushi, cheesy tamago sushi, kani fumi sushi, soft shell crab maki, futo maki, kani edamame inari and chuka mekabu gunkan, I love all of if it!

If I can get puzzle B and D, then I can redeem this, Sashimi Mori Aki (3 kinds) (RM17.99) with an assortment of mouth- watering air-flown fresh Atlantic Salmon, Tuna and Butterfish.
It may also be served on a long plate like this, not always on ice.
Finally, with A and C puzzle, you will get this, Tempura Moriawase (RM13.99), this Classic Japanese dish of lightly battered prawn and assorted vegetables served with dipping sauce and grated radish. Since the redemption time is quite long until Nov 15, for me I think I will just keep collecting stickers to see if I can get all four stickers in order to redeem all these dishes and also the plushie.
Meanwhile, I didn’t know there are new gelato ice creams in Sakae until now. I always love the Matcha one but now there’s also coffee, tea and black sesame, all super nice!

When dining with kids, let their imagination fly with the kids’ meal such as this one served in a fire truck!
There’s always tummy space for more Sushi for me, what about you? I love this platter of all salmon based sushi, Salmon Treasure.

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21 Responses to Sakae Sushi Turns Delightful 19!

  1. All the foods are making my belly talk again (>.<) oh screw it. i'll start my diet tomorrow.

    Are the raw sushi taste better than cooked sushi? I haven't tried raw mean sushi before but I'm willing to try it.

  2. I got puzzle C on that day and when I dine-in again last weekend, I received puzzle A. Hopefully will get 2 more different puzzles to redeem all the sets and the plushie toy.

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