Why I Deleted Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go just launched in Malaysia on Saturday, 6 August to the excitement of nearly everyone. People woke up early and jumped out of beds to catch Pokemons, my Facebook timeline was filled with only Pokemon news, there were lots of people holding their phones hanging around Pokestops. Some crazy news I saw or heard and read from friends include:
1) Strangers walking together into some weird abandoned areas looking for Pokemons
2) Mothers asking their daughters to drive them around and around to refill at Pokestops or catch Pokemons.
3) Saw a guy in the middle of the highway in Kajang, on a bike, phone attached, who rode and stopped, rode and stopped and swiped. Pretty dangerous.
4) Groups of people going out at nights in search of Pokemons.

Tell me what crazier news have you seen or heard.

Many many more odd stories. This is a crazy phenomenon that has taken over the world by storm, and I as usual, will try it out just so I know what I’m talking about when someone asks why not to play this game. Today, just 4 days after it was launched, I made the decision to cancel my account and delete the app and it is not because some people called it Haram or Demonic. Here are my reasons why:

Pokemon Go May Not Be Secure
The game as been dogged by security issues from beginning with maker Niantic claimed to be having access to our Google accounts that we use to sign in. Well, I’m not so well versed with all the tech stuffs, but even as we speak, hackers had been trying to attack Pokemon servers. I’m not sure what great data I have online on google on anything but the idea of people being able to get to you through an app on your phone doesn’t sit well with me. Though, that is not the first and only reason why I deleted the app.

Pokemon Go Wasted My Time
On the first day, it seemed pretty fun. I quickly realise however, that I was doing things I don’t normally do with other game apps. I was leaving the Pokemon Go app on and draining my precious iPhone battery at random times of the day to try to see if a Pokemon turns up. I was holding my phone in my hands more than usual (usually I just leave it in my bag) when I go out in the mall, waiting for it to vibrate to see if a Pokemon appears. I was taking longer routes when going home so I can pass by Poke Stops to refill on Poke Balls. All these weird actions within 4 days, I was too weirded out for real. It wasted my time, and I already don’t have much time! So goodbye Pokemon Go the Time stealer.

Pokemon Go Could have Wasted my Money
I am quite stingy when it comes to paying for apps. I have only paid for a handful of apps and only because I found the apps really really beneficial, and usually they are kids apps. One day, on the 2nd day of playing I ran out of Poke Balls, It was the middle of the night and a couple of really cool Pokemons appeared in my room. At that time I really battled in my mind if I should purchase the Poke Balls, 100 Poke Balls cost USD0.99. I don’t even pay that much for a nice educational app. I battled in my mind and decided to turn off the phone and go to bed. I am glad, I saved that money. Poke Balls run out really quickly and easily as you go higher in the game as the Pokemons that appear will become harder to catch and they will break free more often, so you might need to waste up to ten Poke Balls to catch one and sometimes after wasting all the balls, the Pokemon runs away. Going to Poke Stops will only refill max of 3 Pokeballs each time, and that goes back to wasting time going to Poke Stops if you want to save money. For those who are in a rush, they will just buy the Balls! Stop taking my money Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go Isn’t The Best For Fitness
You might cheat yourself that Pokemon Go will help you in fitness, as you have to walk minimum 2km to hatch one Pokemon Egg. Sometimes even 5km. Having hatched 2 eggs myself, I believe if fitness is what I really want, there are better, more effective apps out there, like Strava for example, or we can go to a local gym for Zumba (not a Poke Gym ya). It is not exactly effective to walk around starring at your phone, walking without aim or even dangerously. When I go running or taking walks, I always hide my phone lest it attracts someone to be a snatch thief. I think there had been many cases of people playing Pokemon Go and had their phones snatched around the country so far. What more in Malaysia.

Pokemon Go Doesn’t Really Encourage Family Time
I read of some people saying Pokemon Go really encourage their family to go out together and play together. I thought that could be true at first, but heck there are so many better ways of families doing things together. For example, adopting a pet, getting into some real sports together, going for a picnic and having some real true communication while at it. Going out together catching Pokemons? Really? Be real.

Pokemon Go Doesn’t Really Have Benefits
Pokemon Go is not like one of those games that need your brain to play. Even Angry Birds need more brain power than Pokemon Go. All you do is throw a ball at cute creatures. Then you tap tap tap to fight at gyms. What is the benefit? I can’t of one. Sure, some people just want to play for leisure, that is fine. However, do be honest with yourself that it didn’t eat up more of your time than you want it to, eat up more of your money than you want it to etc etc. I prefer to play those brain training games if I really have time for games at all. Better still, read a book.

Children Are Watching
While I was testing out the game, I told my kids sternly that they are not to play the game ever. However, Josiah asked me more than once why then can adults play it? I have no answer for that except that I feel adults have better control of their behaviour than kids maybe. I guess that is not so true as I heard there are grandmas running around parks catching Pokemons too. My children are watching and I do not want them to play this game nor any video game in my opinion, therefore I will be the one to set the example to have no such games in the home.

Having said all these, these are all my personal reasons why I deleted the app. In no way am I saying you are wrong because you are playing. No judging here! At the end of the day, it is your personal choice, make it to fit what you believe. I choose to live my life looking up at the Heavens that declare the Glory of God, and admiring the beauty of the skies that proclaim the work of His hands. I think I have missed that for the last 4 days, looking down at my phone. As much as it was fun watching Pidgey evolve to Pidgeotto, it is time to let it go.

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