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Check out these new cutie characters from Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. Bodhi and Friends, this new series is specially created for kids ages 4 and up and recently just released its first two sing-along books – Hello, Hey, Hi! and See You Later at its Book Preview Party held in Malaysia – the first across Asia

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This totally new book series is designed to provide a creative preschool educational program with adventure, music, fun, as well as the necessary building blocks for early childhood. “The Bodhi and Friends books is a great series to be introduced to kids ages 4 and up as it is designed to help children to learn English phonics, vocabulary, grammar, listening skills while instilling a genuine love of language in them,” said Scholastic Asia’s Regional Marketing Manager, Stephanie Wang at the Book Preview Party.

She added: “It is perfect to get kids started with learning English, especially when it’s a non-native language to them. With this series, it will make it a little easier for parents to get their child to learn English with confidence as the sing-along books are accompanied by fun and easy-to-follow songs and music that will help get children engaged!”

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Bodhi is actually a cute, courageous and imaginative dog and the story follows him and his bunch of colourful friends. They all have different names and characters. They travel everywhere together on a fun and music-filled adventure. In every book in the series, there will be new adventures, new discoveries, challenges and as as emotional and educational insights. Each of Bodhi’s friends has a unique personality and skill that is needed to bring to each new challenge. This is pretty awesome as every child is born different with their own unique character and identity, so I think reading these books at their young age will let them identify with new personalities and be exposed to new feelings and more. By the way, Bodhi represents Courage, and there is Darling for Compassion, Freddy for Respect, Honey for Honesty, Elvis for Trustworthiness, Goody for perseverance, Chloe for Justice, and Aimee for Wisdom, all the great traits we would love to see our kids grow up with.

Scholastic Bodhi and Friends Book Preview Party

Bodhi and Friends is a worldwide educational project founded by philanthropist Poman Lo, who seeks to inspire multiple intelligence and instill positive values through the products under this brand including a TV series, mobile apps, plush toys, figurines, and stationeries, amongst others. The well-rounded educational program is developed by an international team of prestigious educators. I can’t wait for the books to be released and let my kids review them together!

For more information on the Bodhi and Friends book series, visit Scholastic’s website at or Facebook page at

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