Otterbox Symmetry Clear For iPhone 6/6s Review

I am a new convert of slim minimal phone cases that are highly protective. I must admit that before I got this case, the Otterbox Symmetry Clear Case for the iPhone 6/6s, I was a wee bit doubtful about using it long term. After all, I am that paranoid user that had been using thick, bulky tough cases since my first iPhone back in the 3GS days. I always thought the more layers the better as I was wanted to keep the phone in tip top condition. However, I was really sacrificing the beauty of the phone so there were times that I wondered what for use an iPhone when I was covering up in layers of rubber and metal. Yes prior to changing to the Otterbox case, I admit, I was using those cheap fake metal cases that looked like armour. Yes it protected well but it was also super heavy and caused a rainbow colour reflection on the screen.

Unboxing and how to put on and take off the Otterbox Symmetry Clear case

This case is a one piece design that protects the back of the iPhone fully, the sides and the screen from drops except the screen from cracks or scratches, so I bought my own glass screen protector from the accessories shop for RM15. Glass screen protectors are super convenient nowadays compared to those types that we needed to stick on carefully last time.


Otterbox ain’t a new brand for me though, I had used one of their tough cases before for my iPad so I know how well built this case is. The Symmetry cases actually went through 24+ tests and 238+ hours of testing with their well known OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection to ensure that every drop, bump and carelessness from me can still keep my device protected. I do drop my phone a lot and I also throw them into my handbag full of stuffs like keys, wallet, receipts flying around. So far, my iPhone had survived all that in the last few weeks.


When it comes to making a case that is simple yet strong, they’ve got it right with the two materials, a clear polycarbonate exterior that is also scratch resistant and a synthetic rubber interior for that extra cushioning. I’m actually really happy that now I can do what the case is made to, show off the iPhone while being protected from all scratches and cracks.

Ok aside from looks, how functional is this case. The right side of the case with the volume buttons, they are very easy to press and adjust, the mute button has an opening and is not covered.
At the bottom of the case, the audio port, charging port and speaker are all left open. Unless the phone falls into the toilet, it is actually well protected, but for aided confidence, I bought an RM4 audio port pin to cover it when I am not using the earphones.
On the right side is the power button and the brand Otterbox edged into the synthetic rubber just beautifully, on most Otterbox cases, I think the brand is on the back, but since this is a clear case, the clear plastic part is completely empty like glass.
The glass is so clear that with one look, it looks like I am just using a bumper case without the back, but I surely won’t do that as the back part should be well covered all the time. The lens and the flash is left open as well, in a way also good so that photos remain really sharp. There was a time that I bought a case that covers the lens and all my pics turned out blurry until I had to use a penknife to cut out the covering plastic. The easy on and off promise also makes it easy to change the case to suit my mood and maybe even my clothes.

Basically, I am just really happy with the case and I won’t be changing back to my old case anymore! This case makes my handbag so much lighter, and I can also just carry it in my pants pocket, no worries with the iPhone bending since the case is tough. The Otterbox Symmetry case also comes in black, red besides the grey and roasted crystal featured in this post.

The case retails for USD34.95 on Otterbox Asia  which offers free shipping to Malaysia. Also check the Facebook page for latest updates!

27 Responses to Otterbox Symmetry Clear For iPhone 6/6s Review

  1. been wanting something light for my phone too. the only main reason why I’ve been sticking to iPhone is that it is smaller and lighter than other phones, but not when it is added with the case. Now this case can solve my problem!

  2. wow, didn’t know otter box came out with these slim line sleek design. Always related their case to those thick, “armageddon also cannot destroy” type of cases..

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