Thai Syok & Yakitori BBQ CNY Food Review

This Chinese New Year (coming Feb 8), why not try something different rather than the usual Chinese food in Chinese restaurants. Thai Syok is the latest Thai restaurant in town and they are also having a Chinese New Year menu promotion at only RM638 for an 8 course dinner for 8-10 pax. Thanks to Sidney, I was able to dine there with John and enjoy some of their latest creations. This is really a Thai restaurant with a twist, it is like a mix of Japanese with the Yakitori as well as Chinese but with Thai flavours. Read on to find out.

I like the setting in this restaurant, it is casual and cosy but also air-conditioned, really helpful if you are eating that tomyam soup.

You can sneak peak at the chefs and cooks at work from the table outside. There are tables for small groups and big groups as well.

The first dish to start off the night was their special Thai Inspired Salmon Lo Shang (RM38 S or RM58 L)

It was so creative, with the salmon meat in alphabets, and the use of raw mango and a variety of vegetables.

Before mixing it up…

After all the condiments are poured in. I must say, I really love this yee sang a lot, I love the sourish taste from the special Thai inspired sauces, most yee sang is sweet and sour I know, but this is just more delicious. The yee sang is actually part of their special CNY menu available from tomorrow Jan 19 – Feb 21.

Our first porky dish came and it was the Marinated Pork Belly (RM12 for 3 skewers) and you can just see how delightfully glistening it was.

If a perfectly marinate piece of meat is most of important for you, then you would surely not be disappointed with this one. The juiciness and tenderness once I bite into the meat goes deep into the last piece sticking to the skewer, so good that one piece just ain’t enough. It was soft and sweet and bursting with flavour, and goes exceptionally with their chilli sauces.


Yes this restaurant is really specialised in Pork, and the presentation of the Deep Fried Pork Knuckle (RM58) was so impressive with that carved dragon from a carrot.


For pork lovers, this would be heaven on earth. I loved this type of pork knuckle compared to the braised type as it made the skin crunchy and somehow more palatable.


Next is a very traditional Chicken Feet and Vegetable Salad that is the spiciest of all the food I had that night! Three star for spiciness….However, I love love Chicken Feet, especially cooked this way Thai Style, so I braved the spiciness to eat of lot of this while downing down their milk tea and green milk tea.


It was highly sourish and crunchy with mostly raw vegetables and tomatoes, just the way Thais like it.

Talking about drinks, I don’t know what they use in Thai milk tea, (RM5 hot, RM6 iced) but it was just different and delicious.

They have an assortment of drinks and juices here but my favourite was the green tea milk malacca sugar. (RM5.90) At first look, it looked like the 3 layer tea from Sarawak and quite popular here now, but it really is made with green tea, and the malacca sugar (gula Melaka) made the green tea taste awesome, maybe it became a little like Matcha. Soooo refreshing…

Some people may not like Pork so opt for this, the Marinated Chicken Wing (RM15 for 3 skewers). Like the Yakitori Pork, the marinate is probably the same delicious sweetness, must be some secret ingredients in the marinate that made the chicken soft and sweet, and BBQed over the right fire to make it tender and juicy.

Thai Syok serves some fish dishes too, and we first tried the Lemon Steamed Siakap in this big metal device that kept the fish hot and steaming throughout the meal. The fire was just burning till the end.
If you love lemony sourish sauce on your fish, you will love this. The fish as expected was really fresh and it was fantastic if eaten with rice and the sauce.


A second fish dish was the Garouper with 3 tastes of Spicy, Sour and Sweet. This is not your normal fried fish dish.
They used a number of spices in this, and it tasted a little like green curry, with santan taste too. Very refreshing and definitely very Thai.

Chinese New Year meals are always full of fish and prawns, and this is the Prawn Steamed in Coconut Milk on a Charcoal Iron Pan like the previous fish dish.
This was another one of those dishes that you want to eat with rice and the sauce as that was how delectable it was. I am really particular about Prawn freshness and this really passed the test, it was crunchy and delightful with the coconut milk.


We tried a final dish, and this was the Tom Yum Pork Knuckle. From the word Tom Yam I thought that this would be really spicy but it was not.

The pork knuckle was not drowned in Tom Yum soup but just lathered with it, so it was still nice and great for people like me who could not take a lot of strong spices.

For dessert to cool us down, we were served the Red Ruby Ice Blended with Jack Fruit in Coconut Syrup. Diners can opt for Crushed Ice RM5.90 or Ice Blended with a smoother texture RM6.90.

It was not too sweet and the taste of jackfruit was a great with the milky ice…it was a great way to end the meaty dinner! Highly recommend all the dishes, especially the yakitori, pork and fish, and so much more that I have yet to try too.

Thai Syok & Yakitori BBQ 


No 15, Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening Hours:
11:30 am-2:30 pm
5:30 pm-10:30 pm
Book a table now
03 – 5612 5916/016 – 222 1957


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  1. they serve really good food. I’ve tried a couple of times there, and will definately recommend their dishes to anyone looking for thai cuisine, or BBQ styles cuisine.

  2. The lemon steamed siakap is a personal favourite for us when we visit. Though the hubster will always prefer if I can order more pork dishes.

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