Cod Fish With Ikan Brand Asam Pedas Ikan

On a cold winter night, what is best to eat? Ok sure there’s no winter in Malaysia but some nights can be cold, dark and rainy. It makes me want to eat something hot and spicy. I decided to cook a piece of cod fish I found in the freezer with this.


This flavour can be used to stir fry anything or steam fish. I decided to go in between.

 I literally just place the fish with some oil on my double sided pan and close it. It somehow will have a steaming effect inside there. After ten minutes I opened the pan, having turned it around a few times, and then only add the paste.

The paste is so flavorful on its own that I didn’t bother to add anything extra. After all, it was a last minute plan to cook.

I just added the paste on both sides of the fish and steamed it a while longer. I love this double sided pan for cooking fish. It’s too convenient as I didn’t have to touch the fish at all.

After about 15 min total, the fish is ready to serve.

I also blanched some Mee hoon and use some of the same paste to cook it and garnish with meat floss and shallots and that was my dinner for a cold, rainy night.
You can find Ikan brand pastes available in Giant, Jusco and Econsave. For more information browse to


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  1. gulp. Wrong time to be reading this post although I had a very heavy dinner haha. You are making me hungry! By the way, love the simple cooking style. Definitely the dish felt really homey and yummy!

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