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As all my close friends know, Josiah is a little artist, he has his own blog and even his own Facebook Fan Page garnering nearly 500 followers now. (Please make it reach 500!) I created his blog since before he was born, and it mostly was made for him to know the details of his life when he’s grown up. Anything to do with arts gets Josiah very excited. Like last night when he was playing with his kinetic sand, and I invited him to do some crafts together, and he immediately dropped everything and wanted to do this craft that I learned from Marco on Art Attack.

Josiah loves watching Art Attack every Saturday and Sunday at 12noon, on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) since he was very very young. You can see all his crafts and art on his Facebook page from as young as 2 years old (now he is 6). He loves watching this show because it’s all about art and how to use everyday things to create amazing crafts, it really increases his love for art and made his little mind more creative.

How to Make A Bowl-Holder
Last night, we decide to make a Bowl-holder. It is to decorate a container or bowl to put tasty party food in fun looking decorated holders.

To get ready, we needed some things like these:
1) Plastic container
2) Scissors
3) Piece of card
4) Sticky tape
5) Paint
6) Paint Brush
7) PVA / White Glue
8) Old newspaper or recycled paper


First, we cut the card to wrap around the bowl, ensuring it is big enough to cover and top and bottom of the bowl/container. When it is neatly wrapped around, we tape the edges together.

Second, we take the container out and add more tape to the card to make sure it is stuck into place. We make the tube stronger by adding pieces of paper and glue it all over.
We use white recycled paper as we did not have newspapers around. We just tear and stick it all over the card.

Now we take out the paint! This is the fun part. Josiah chose a yellow base for the bowl-holder and started painting all over to cover the paper. We just use poster colour for this.


Josiah wants to cover it with pretty flowers. He used a red paint to freely paint 4 flowers around the card. For little artists, they can paint any style they want, I love to see Josiah get creative by painting anything that he wants.


Once he’s done with the flowers, he decided to add some other designs with a blue edge, and green for curvy patterns. He also added outlines to the flowers he made earlier.

At every stage, we stop to let the paint dry a little before proceeding.

Once the paint is dry totally, we put the plain plastic container into it to dress it up!

This will make a nice custom party bowl-holder, but most importantly is the quality time spent with my son drawing, cutting, painting together to make something fun! We are ready to party!

Meanwhile, check out the similarity between these two photos! It was not on purpose but very incidentally, I realise that they had the same pose! Who knows, Josiah could be the next Marco one day! What do you think?

Disney's Art Attack - New Host Marco Borromeo (3) - Copy



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