#BiOLiFE Astaxanthin Review After 14 Days

A Red Carpet Affair

I wrote about receiving Bio-Life Astaxanthin Supplement for my review two weeks ago, and today I will be reviewing the effects of taking it after 14 days. Tomorrow, I will also be attending the Launch Event in 1 Utama, so do come and join me for a day of fun, you might also get to win the Astaxanthin product as well.
The contest is so simple, just attend the event and take a picture (of me if you want!) and post on Bio-Life Facebook wall and you will get a free bottle for your own consumption worth RM100.70!

before after
So let me tell you a bit of history about my skin, as far as I had remember, I battled with skin issues. As soon as I hit puberty, I had terrible acne erupting all over my face and back. You could have called me volcano face back then. I thought it was a teenage phase as all my sisters had smooth face when they turned 20. Unfortunately not for me, I had breakouts and acne right into my 30s. To add salt to the wound, I had chicken pox at 33, some more while pregnant. Deep scars appeared all over my face to this day and they are hard to heal no matter what I use. I can only try to hide them with makeup. Therefore, I was really excited to try Astaxanthin 4mg when given this opportunity with the hope that it can help my skin heal and get better. It would be a dream come true to ever have smooth skin again (remembering back to when I was a baby). Especially now I am in my 30s, it is not just scars, pores and acne that I have to deal with, but wrinkles (make the horror face!) Lines started appearing on my forehead and eyes…I would try anything that can promise minimising these.

So I started using Astaxanthin 2 weeks ago. It is only one pill a day after meal, so it is really easy to use and easy to remember. My review?

Astaxanthin is known to :

• Fights wrinkles
• Improves skin elasticity
• Reduces visible signs of UV-aging within four to six weeks of use
• Maintains a youthful appearance
• Reverses premature signs of aging
• Reduces the risk of skin cancer


Since I only used it for two weeks, I cannot assure you that all my skin issues are solved. However, personally here are the improvements I faced.

1) No new breakouts – It is normal for me to get breakouts monthly but these two weeks, I had not had any new ones.
2) Skin colour balanced – I used to never go out of the house without applying some coverage like BB or CC Cream but these two weeks, I went to work without anything but just Sunscreen.
3) No new lines or wrinkles in fact they are lessened – I can’t measure if the wrinkles really really lessened but they are less deep than usual
4) Skin feels more hydrated and not dry – I don’t feel the need to reach out to my spray to keep my skin hydrated in Air-cond room
5) Lips are not cracked and dry – I did not have to keep using lip balm over and over like before when my lips easily cracked in cold room.
6) Better sleep at night – I actually slept early these 2 weeks, before midnight, I used to not be able to sleep until about 1am!


So basically, those are what I face and I really can’t wait to take Astaxanthin for at least 2 months on to see what greater effects it can bring. Stay tuned for further reviews.

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  1. My first purchase had no fishy smell. Why the second bottle has strong fishy on the taste? I suspected they must have added in krill fish oil instead of the algae.This is very unethical of the company to profit on their customer in this way. I will stop buying any product from Biolife. Thats it.

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