Johnny’s Restaurant Steamboat IOI City Mall

I had seen this restaurant around all the time but never had a chance to try it until today. Johnny’s Restaurant is a Thai Steamboat Restaurant, but it also serves a variety of Thai Rice and Noodles and Specialty Dishes as well as a host of desserts, from Banana Split Ice Cream to Sago Lolo, really many types.

Before this, I thought this restaurant must be quite pricey with bad service, but I totally changed my mind. It is quite affordable after all.

I ordered the Steamboat set for 2 persons, and it comes with 10 types of dishes. This set costs RM32.90. You can also order the steamboat items separately, but I just prefer their fixed set, easy like that.

The dishes look little for 2 but after cooking and eating it all, I must say, it is more than enough even before I ate the extra dishes I ordered. I love the meat balls, very fresh and delicious, and the prawns are really fresh.

The soup base comes in a choice of normal stock, probably chicken or Tom Yum. We chose the normal one as I can’t stand spicy too much.

What’s different about Johnny’s Restaurant from other steamboats places is the sauce. This is a REALLY GOOD sauce, I feel like I can drink it like that, it is slightly spicy and sweet and sour, very Thai!

Nowadays, they use induction cooker, safe for kids to eat together, no need to be afraid of getting burned by fire.

As an add on dish, we also ordered the Thai BBQ Chicken. It is quite delicious as it is, but the sauce is killer! It is once again sourish but SO GOOD. A set of 3 wings is like RM7.90.

Drinks are affordable too, from around RM3.50 for Iced coffee and juices.

I also tried the Sago Lolo Coconut dessert as I love Sago a lot, it is really creamy and they made it with shaved ice with toppings of lychee, just loved it thought the bowl is really small.

By the way, the service is so good here. There are like 5 servers, and I noticed that they are non stop looking for something to do, and they take turns doing their job. Even the manager will walk around taking orders, even when there weren’t many customers, they keep doing something instead of relaxing. While we were dining, at least 3 different persons came up to our table and asked if our meal is alright, if we needed anything else. The manager also make time for small chit chats.

I also felt really homey having steamboat for lunch, quite a nice difference from eating the usual cooked meals, we get to cook this together so it’s kinda part of the fun. For those who don’t like steamboat, you can still dine here as they have a huge variety or rice and noodle dishes. Plus I must say, eating like this is quite healthy too! Maybe you can try this for Chinese New Year Eve dinner! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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