Day 1: 7 Day Diet

Today, I decided to do this 7 day diet plan that someone posted on Facebook. Now, I am not a great fan of dieting, but I do have like 5 years of extra weight from giving birth to two boys, that I really need to work on to get rid of. Before my wedding day, I did do something similar like this but I did it long term and I managed to shed 10kg without exercise. I saw the jenny craig vs nutrisystem side by side comparison to find the right diet plan and thankfully chose the right diet to get ready for my wedding. This time round, I want to make sure I exercise as well, so while doing this today, I also did a Peak Fitness program and a 7 minute a day exercise. You need to consult experts at FlexMasterGeneral on equipment and workouts.

Day 1 : Fruits. All fruits are allowed except bananas (or durians and nangka perhaps)

Today, I had only Water melons and Honey Dew, whole. I had one green apple and I also drank some lemon water with honey.

My morning went pretty well, and I ate like a whole plate of water melons which I precut the day before and mixed with honey dew. I love fruits so this is farely easy. At about 11ish, I felt the hunger pangs so I ate more of the stuff plus an apple. By lunch time, it was the worst hit. I went out for lunch and had to be tempted by all the delicious food in the restaurants. By nearly 2pm I was seriously hungry but I was out so I didn’t have any fruits with me. I was actually out shopping for the vegetables that I needed to prepare for Day 2. I couldn’t take it anymore, coz by that time I was really weak, drowsy and sleepy. So I grabbed a cup of berries yogurt and downed that for now. Then I got back in my office, and I was like, forget it I need coffee. This diet actually calls for absolutely no caffeine. On my normal days, I take a lot of coffee so to suddenly take none, it was a horrible experience. So I made my coffee and was back to my normal self. I ate more of the water melon, 2 plates and it’s now 5pm. Also I needed to take a lot of water, like mininum of 2 litre.

For dinner, I will be finishing up the melons and taking some Wonder Soup which I will now cook. Wonder Soup can be taken every day of this diet to fill me up so to curb the hunger. This diet promises about 10lbs lose of weight plus the benefits of detox. I guess even without the weight loss, it will be good to do detox once a while. It is not advisable to continue this diet past 7 days, you should wait 4 weeks before doing it again for round 2.

In the evening, I cheated again. I had to bring Jordan to McDonalds while waiting for Josiah to finish his music keyboard class. John ordered too much for himself and Jordan and I kinda was too hungry so I ate some. Really little though, some scoops of ice cream and tiny pieces of nuggets. Before bed, tummy was grumbling again, so I downed a cup of Kefir milk.

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