Cloth Diapering A New Born

So after nearly 2 weeks with my newborn, I can safely review which cloth diaper actually really really works with a new born. I started cloth diapering Jordan only when his poop change to the breastfed baby poo, mustard watery type. Using it with green or myconium would be possible, but much to much trouble. Also, I targeted for his cord to come off before cloth diapering as the diapers are big and will cover his belly button, hence not allowing the area to dry as fast. I am so glad that he doesn’t have to use his terrible plasticky disposables anymore. Yea to no diaper rash.
Here’s what I’m using now:

Day Time Diapering
1) bamboolite
Bamboolite Diaper Cover with Fleece Inserts and layer of microsuede cloth (not included)
I use 3 diaper covers during the daytime, and the diaper covers doesn’t need to be changed at every diaper change unless it was stained with a major poop. Just the insert need to be changed, and the microsuede cloth is to keep baby’s bum dry. This is not leak proof so it gotta be changed every few hours or as needed.

2) ncd diaper
Niceclothdiaper’s Yellow One Size Bamboo fitted diapers
I alternate between the above system and a couple of these fitted diapers. They are very thick if you put the removable insert that came with it so this can be used when baby is a little bigger above 3.5kg. This too is breathable so it can be used with a cover or just change often when wet. These fitteds are used with the microsuede cloth as well to ensure total dryness on baby’s bum.

3) The Eli Monster Prefolds
This was one diaper I thought would work the best, unfortunately not the case. I initially bought snappies to use with it, but the snappies doesn’t hook well, it comes off really easily. I had an accident case while in the emergency ward when the snappies came off and baby wet me all over. Then according to the picture, I bought the diaper pin. However, diaper pins should be banned! They are so dangerous to use, on first try, I already pinned my own finger! FAIL. So last resort, I put on KAM Snaps on my prefold, imagine that. Well, it now works with snaps, but it’s just funny to have to do this on a prefold. These prefolds are used with the microsuede cloth as well.

When baby Jordan is bigger, I will start using my other pocket diapers as well, at the moment they are just a bit bulky.

Night Time Diapering

I only have 4 night time diapers that work. They are the Fuzzi Bunz one size and the Rumparooz one size. Of these two, I prefer the Fuzzi Bunz. If I am buying cloth diapers for the first time, maybe I’ll just buy Fuzzi Bunz one size. They are special as they do not use the normal snaps to change the size, instead they use stretchable leg gussets and back gussets that can be buttoned on and off to change settings. ’
This video shows how to use the Fuzzi Bunz unique size setting.

This is the only diaper that I can trust to absolutely not leak. I have also the Fuzzi Bunz Medium and Large diapers so will use those solely as Jordan grows. At the moment I use only one insert with it as 2 inserts will be too bulky. I only change the diaper if Jordan poops if not I’ll just let it be.

The Rumparooz is a one size but it’s very trim that’s why it’s suitable for a thin legged newborn baby. It works so far but sometimes the back part may leak if not tucked in properly when wearing it. Other than that it’s good.

Both my night time diapers have PUL layers so they are leakproof, as baby tends to sleep through longer at nights, so I don’t want leaky diapers that have to be changed too often.

I have yet to use the wool pants as Jordan sleeps swaddled in a Woombie so it’s really hot if I put him in wool pants some more.

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