Baby clothes and cloth diaper laundering system

So we’ve previously talked about my cloth diapering system, but what about how to wash them? Most new mums or would be mums that I talk to about cloth diapering are scared off about the laundering part of it. It just seemed overwhelming, but it really is not if you follow my system. This is how I do it, and it’s no harder than washing your clothes like normal.

What you need:
1) Some pails at least 2
2) Cloth diaper safe detergent – I use Kiddiewash from Cosway
3) Washing machine
4) Hose in your toilet
5) Laundry nets

I wash my diapers daily, but it can be done once in 2 days if you have enough diapers to cycle. Whatever diaper that is changed in the night and day before is just stashed into a pail of water with 1/3 cap of kiddiewash. Diapers that are soiled with poo will be rinsed with the hose down the toilet. Your hands won’t even touch any poo. Diapers don’t need to be scrubbed, even though you can still see yellow stains. Just put it into the pail and leave it through out the day or overnight. I also use cloth wet wipes for his bum, so this goes in the same pail too.

diaper wash

In another pail, I put baby’s clothes, mittens, booties, wash clothes etc. I soak these separately from the diapers as it would be gross to soak together. However, later the clothes and diapers will go into the washing machine at the same time.

In the evening, when John returns, he will transfer the diapers and clothes into a laundry net each and put it into the washing machine to wash. Here is where having a supportive spouse helps lots. I just do my part of rinsing and putting in the pail, and John does the washing machine part. It makes it a whole lot easier on one person and not a headache. So after the wash, the diapers and clothes either gets hung outside to hang dry overnight or only in the morning in the sun. Either way, it will get the sun before being kept back. Diaper inserts and thick diapers like fitteds will take a whole day to dry as they are extra thick. The stains will have disappeared after the machine wash, magically.

In the evening, I take in the clothes and diapers and prepare them for their next use. It is best to prepare them in advance, meaning putting the inserts in and leaving them at a convenient place where your baby gets diaper changed. Jordan gets his diaper changed in our extra room, so he doesn’t wake Josiah if he happens to cry in the middle of the night. He hates diaper changing time. In the mornings though, I just change him downstairs on his playpen which has a diaper changing table. Super convenient.

In between we wash our own clothes separately, like once in 2 days since we don’t have as much clothes as baby.

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