My cloth diapering system

Last time, I did not cloth diaper until way into the 2-3 month, and I did not cloth diaper at nights as I didn’t know any diapers that can be thick enough for night use. Well, I am much more informed now with the various types of diapers and even cloth diapers that are suitable for newborns. I used to think newborns can’t use any cloth diapers yet due to the amount of times they poo and pee and also their tiny size.

This week, I finally got the time to dig into the old stash of cloth diapers I accumulated for Josiah and also read up which ones are usable for newborns. Most of my stash are one size diapers, means they can be used from small to potty training. But some of it are rather big for newborns.

These are the stash I have:
1) Lots of Kasihkusayangku pocket diapers
These are big and not newborn friendly, as they are plasticky and not soft. It is best for newborns not to use pocket diapers with PUL as their bums need to be as breathable as possible.

2) 2 Rumparooz One Size Pocket diapers
Rumparooz are pretty small diapers so they will most probably fit well. When I got these, I didn’t use it long before Josiah outgrown them, so I will use these around 1 month onwards or about 5kg onwards.

3) 2 Minky NiceClothdiapers Pocket Diapers
These are pretty soft but also very generous in size. I guess they are usable at 2-3 months onwards.

4) 2 One Size Fuzzi Bunz
I love these as they have adjustable bands on the leg gussets as well as the waist unlike the rest that use the button snap ons. I read that the Fuzzi bunz will be great on newborns, will just have to try it out. They are PUL so not suitable for whole day use, maybe just for night time diapering. I had great experience using Fuzzi Bunz last time as they actually last through the night and never leak.

5) 2 Grobaby AI2 diapers
These are not pocket diapers, but AI2 as the inserts are laid one top. I think these will be usable as they are very trim if not all the inserts are used. I will probably use the covers only with a microsuede staydry liner and a single insert for daytime use.

6) Lampins- I have lots and lots and lots of lampins, I probably won’t use them just as is but will use them with fleece covers and as boosters. These gave me much headache washing and folding in time last time and they absolutely leak and don’t last.

So what is my planned system this time? I just planned it but I hope it works.

Daytime Diapering for Newborn

1) Eli Monster Prefolds

I ordered these two Eli Monster Prefolds coz they look too good! I got them from Everythingbabything. These prefolds are unique as they are made of bamboo and have generous layers of absorbency. But they are quite pricey at RM45 each for S size so I only got 2 to try out. These prefolds can be used as is or together with a diaper cover. I intend to use it with my new Diaper Cover from Bamboolite.

2) Bamboolite Fleece Diaper Covers

The Bamboolite Diaper Cover is made of Fleece and I got them from coz the site sells it cheaper than others at only RM28 if you buy 2 and above. The normal price is RM35. These diaper covers come in Size 1 and 2 but I only got Size 1 for up to 12kg as I think I will be using this only for early stages and at home. The good thing about using diaper covers is they don’t have to be changed at every diaper change. Only the inserts need to be changed and the covers can be airdried and reused for the day as long as it is not soiled itself. The unique thing about Bamboolite diaper cover is that it is breathable and not PUL. Since I only have 2 Eli Monster Prefolds, when those two are soiled I will just use many layers of lampins or my many pocket diaper inserts. But pocket diaper inserts cannot touch a baby’s bum as it will be wet not dry. So I also got a Microsuede bulk cloth from at RM15 for a huge piece (half a meter). I intend to cut the cloth and use as a washable Stay Dry liner over the lampins or inserts so baby’s bum stays dry even when the inserts are wet.

Night Time Diapering

1) Niceclothdiaper Fitted Diapers

I just ordered additional 2 Fitted diapers from This is something that is not in my diaper stash before. Fitted diapers are great for newborns as they are not entirely waterproof. The ones I got are super soft as they are bamboo and totally breathable yet thick enough to sustain leaks. They can be used together with the Diaper Cover for extra waterproofing if going for longer hours of nap. But being One size, this is supposed to fit 4kg onwards so maybe only usable at the 1st month age. I got the diapers today and they looked pretty trim and the legs so it depends on how chubby is my baby. The great thing, this diaper is cheap at only RM75 for 2. If at all possible to use for newborns, then I will use this for night time diapering together with a Wool Longie.

2) Lucky Penny Pants Wool Longies

Wool Longies are the diaper covers of the old days before disposables existed. They are usually made from recycled sweaters. Wool are awesome as they are able to absorb any moisture and yet keep smelling great, thus they do not need to be washed daily. I used a wool longie for Josiah’s last days using a diaper they are worked great, no leaks at all. Until today, he still loves to go to bed wearing the longie as it is super soft. But wool longies are not cheap and are hard to get in Malaysia coz not many of use actually wear sweaters huh. So I had to get it from as they stock many and it cost RM115 for one. Dear Joanne gave me a 15% discount since I also bought the prefolds from her.I bought the blue one as I can only afford one, and this will be used with the fitted diapers at night to absorb any extra moisture that the diaper can’t contain. The great thing about this wool longie is that it is so stretchable that it can be used even when Jordan is all grown as a capri. Just for fun, check out this absolutely cute wool longie on a baby.

2) Besides the above option, I still have my fuzzi bunz, rumparooz as alternatives. I’ll have to see how it goes when the real baby comes. Worse come to worst, I have my pack of standby Mami poko that I hope to avoid as much as possible.

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