YES 4G IOS App Launch

After a long hiatus from the bloggers’ world of events, I decided I should start attending again when I got an invite to go to the YES 4G Ios app launch specially organised for us bloggers. Another reason for me getting all excited to join this event was the love for new app development and technology, the 4G technology and great things it can do. So the event was held at the National Geographic Store and Cafe (sure got food involved) and it’s rather far for me. Having a kid, it’s not easy to just leave him behind with anyone, so thankfully, John agreed to bring Josiah jalan-jalan at Bukit Bintang, and the promise of seeing KLCC and KL Tower was good enough for him.

So upon arrival and registration, I was given a YES bag with the usual fact sheets and a free RM50 starter card with RM9 worth of credit.

Oops, no Huddle that I wished for.

So after hanging out for a while, fiddling with the free iPad phone booths, the event started with Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s arrival.

The Tan Sri actually went around and shook hands with all the bloggers at the meet. He made the event very laid back and relaxed rather than a very formal event. During his presentation time, he talked about the history of information, the history of how the first words came about, the first book being printed, etc. I think some of the bloggers got bored at this point, but I thought it was a great presentation. After his talk, he passed the time to the CEO of YES, Wing K.Lee, who talked more specifically about YES, the statistics of the usage so far, the new things to come and he also demo to us the use of the new ios app called YES Life, and various other ios app development that can be used on the iPod, iPad and iPhone to make calls and send sms. This is definitely a breakthrough technology, coz finally now the iPad and iPod touch can talk, it can be used like a phone. This sounds really promising, but there’s still some way to go.


After the using the app for a few days, I do find quite a few bugs. It did drain my iPhone battery quite badly so I had no choice but to kill the app, but then when the app is offline, whatever sms sent to me cannot be received. So that kind of sucks. Nevertheless, I am sure YTL with YES will be working on it and this at least, is the only usable app for cheap calls between iPads/iPods and other phones.

Naturally after the long talk, we had time for some makan-makan. The food at National Geographic cafe is simply awesome. Then we had this contest to sms this really long passage using the Yes Life app. The first 2 smses to get in without any mistakes wins. I don’t know why at this time, my YES Life app chose not to sign in, it was stuck at the Signing in page. Finally at the final minute it managed to sign in as everyone already started to test their YES app by sending test smses to the iPad shown at the front. I tried so many smses, but my sms never appeared on the iPad. I was sure the number was correct coz I tried to call in and it worked. Weird. Well, everyone was quickly typing their sms then, and I did too, but to no avail. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience, not expecting too much from an app that is just launched. Can’t wait for its new update in future.

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