Take a Day Trip to Kuala Selangor

When you say Kuala Selangor, I immediately think of Fireflies. But guess what, that’s not all there is in Kuala Selangor. There’s much much more, so let’s find out. Last Labour Day, we took an unplanned day trip drive up to Kuala Selangor. According to Google Maps, it was gonna take us 1 hour 43 min driving along the highway. It was my first time there, but the heat didn’t make it too exciting. Thankfully, that day, the weather was beautiful, cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

In order to enjoy the morning coolness, we had to make the trip super early. As soon as Josiah awoken, we changed him and on to the car we went without breakfast. We just munched on bread while he ate his cereal bar. Half an hour into the ride, the boy had fallen asleep again.

On arrival, we immediately went to Bukit Melawati, where both John and Josiah wants to see the Light house. It was a weekday public holiday, and thankfully the tram is running. The trams normally only run on weekends. Tram ride up to the lighthouse and down to the fish park cost RM3 per person, for our kid under 3, it’s free.

I guess the tram ride is exciting to most kids. We totally protected Josiah from the mozzies and the sun, with cap, mozzie cream, sun lotion and anti mozzie bracelet. Cannot be more prepared.
The tram ride is pretty short, like 10 minutes before we reach the top. Being a public holiday, everything else is closed, the makam, museums and all that on the way. So we only get to see the lighthouse.

Wow this magnificent light house is already 104 years old, orang tua di.

Josiah also loves the cannons. Imagine how many boats got sunk by one of these babies.
Besides just these historical artifacts, we must also check out the living silver haired monkeys. Everyone who came here will feed the monkeys, resulting in monkeys that are always full and piss a lot. As we stand under the big trees, we sometimes felt water coming down, at first we thought it’s rain, but it’s actually the monkeys pissing on us. Yikes.

Baby monkeys are actually golden haired. Why did they die their hair when they grew up? I guess man do the same. There’s actually a vendor selling all the things the monkey will eat, like bread, long beans, nuts etc. These monkeys are pretty civilised and really friendly. Some even climb on top of people’s shoulders and snuggle up to them. There was a monkey who stood really close to me when I was photographing another one, it reminded me of my cat that will purr and snuggle up close. We also spotted a few eagles soaring majestically in the sky.

After a while, the tram came back to pick us up and send us to the Fish Park. There really isn’t much to see there, just some sad fish in some sad aquariums.
The upkeep of this place is quite bad, lots of spider webs everywhere. There was also a pond of water lilies, but they look so wild and mismanaged.
A nice place nonetheless for some picturesque portraiture.

Next we drove around the small town looking for the best Seafood, which Kuala Selangor is pretty famous for too. Seafood here is supposedly fresh and cheap. Our mouths were watering for some crabs! Finally we decided on Riverview Seafood Restaurant (which is halal) after spotting a huge crab statue outside.

Unfortunately, because we were there early, like just 12pm plus, there were no crabs available. It is only available after 2pm.
Oh well, no crab fish also can. Here’s what we baham (ate).

Bamboo shellfish clams
Salad in Yam bowl
Fried Squid

All is happy after a hearty meal!

After the meal it was just nice to take a long drive back as Josiah takes his afternoon nap. By the time we got home, Josiah is wide awake while we were all wasted. See all the pics here.

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