Buying a Macbook Pro from Apple Online Store and Unboxing

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to order a whole laptop online? Have you ever how it works to order a Macbook Pro from Apple’s Online Store? Malaysia is one of the blessed countries to actually have an Apple store. You know many countries still don’t have them?

Anyways, recently the Macbook Pro new family launched, and it was available on the Apple store immediately, before it was available at Apple resellers. So I chose to order from there. The Apple store accepts both credit cards and direct bank in.

The only thing I was sceptical before using the Apple store, was the the amount of time it will take for it to arrive. On the site, it showed 4 days shipping, and I have heard that it ships from China. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised that it only took 3 working days to arrive. I ordered on April 14, and got it via DHL by April 19.

I actually missed the DHL man when he came to my office to deliver this, as I couldn’t hear my phone ringing. So after calling him up, we actually arranged to meet him in another place in town as I was anxious he could not deliver it on that same day. When I got the package I was again surprised at how small it was, the box was so much slimmer than my ancient iBook’s.

The Macbook Pro packaging in itself already speaks volume about how much thought was put in by Apple to make it Beautiful.

I bought the 13inch version without any upgrades for RM 3899.

The adapter sits underneath the laptop together with the manual and installation DVDs.

These DVDs will come in handy when I want to install Windows 7 in my laptop.

At first look, the Macbook Pro 13inch is really small and thin. Windows laptops may be 13 inch too, but they are super thick.

Here it is the all aluminium unibody.

After using the Macbook Pro for a while, I can only say, it is superb. Really fast with 4gb ram. I have not put it to heavy use, so can’t say much for now.
Macbook Pro 13 just arrived in Machines today, so go check it out.

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