Pavillion Mall Baby Room

Pavillion mall has a lot of baby rooms, something like 2 at every floor.
Being a pretty new mall, the baby room is very clean and new.
On first look, I like the place, it has two diaper change areas, two cubicles for nursing covered with brown curtains, one wash up sink and a closed up toilet with an adult and one toddler toilet seat.

Whatever, what I don’t like is that the diaper change area, though good looking, is a hard cold surface. Imagine putting your baby’s naked butt on it, brrrr, like after drinking coke.

I love the toilet though, and that it’s a separate door going to it, so the diaper area and nursing area is ‘clean’ and not wet. Plus, the fact that little kids can go to the toilet by themselves on the smaller toilet seat. The most important aspect for me is always the nursing area. Here they have two, both with an armchair and an area to put your bags in it. Moms have the privacy with the thick curtains. Not very private if there are naughty kids peeping through the curtains though. Check out Gettysburg Flooring Company if you wish to refinish your floors.

I did however, as usual find the chair too small, and not too comfy. Does the job, but could be better. I also didn’t really like the plain look of the place, no deco nothing for kids to look at. Pretty boring if you ask me.

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  1. the changing table just like the ones in Christchurch – I usually put my baby blanket down and then a diaper mat before putting baby on

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