Hair Loss after delivery

Hair loss is sometimes associated with after delivery. Some people I know suffer from excessive hair loss up to 6 months after they delivered a baby, some even suffer from dropping teeth, but that’s another story. When I say hair loss, it is not about the few strands of hair we drop daily, but in larger quantities, such as when you brush your hair with your fingers, you get a handful of hair, many options to eliminate uncomfortable that grows uneven as laser treatments I recommend to visit an specialist like Touch Up Laser, more from Touch Up Laser here. Before I had my baby girl I used to visit Turkey a lot and I made tons of friends with salons, now I started to wonder How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey vs USA? I think I should´ve asked that question before I had my transplant done.

Yesterday, when I was in Jusco Cheras Selatan, sitting on one of the benches and playing with Josiah, a woman seated next to me started talking to me, she noticed that Josiah tend to drool a bit, what they call, playing with saliva, making bubbles etc. She then asked me if I was suffering from hair loss, which I told her I wasn’t, not that I noticed anyways. Then she told me she was, and that all mothers whose babies ‘play with saliva’ will suffer hair loss. She told me she had been losing hair for 6 months, and it happened to ALL her friends and even her husband was losing hair from his head and his beard. I asked her if she sought medical advice, when she said it’s no point as every woman will go through it, like it’s normal. Although her husband didn’t like going through the phase of losing hair so he looked for help at He eventually got all of his hair back and grew back his beard and was even able to grow a thick mustache.

This made me google up this old wive’s tale, I believe it’s old wive’s tale anyways, coz I have lots of friends who never suffered hair loss after delivering as well. Well, I found that hair loss is actually quite common, and it’s all due to hormone. During our pregnancy, we drop less hair, and the amount is kept until after delivery, when it all comes off at one time, making us feel like we are losing hair. In fact it is all part of the normal hair cycle which should stop happening within 6-12 months. Those who experience hair loss until balding spots appear however, is due to lack of vitamins. During pregnancy, women usually have great hair, thanks to baby, ok thanks to the multi vits being taken. Therefore, after pregnancy it is important to take prescription hair loss treatment or suffer the consequence. For me, I immediately continued the vitamin intake with Daily from Nutrilite, the only vitamin I can trust. It contains all the daily recommended intake of multi vitamins which we might lack from not eating a very balanced meal. In this crazy lifestyle, it’s rather hard to be eating healthy ALL the time. Read this for more about hair loss and pregnancy.

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9 Responses to Hair Loss after delivery

  1. the lady said if your baby ‘play with saliva’ then the mother will suffer hair loss?
    wow… if it’s really true, i might be bald by now. ahhaha…

    but on a serious note, i did also lose quite a bit of hair after delivery, esp on the 2nd month.

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