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I had been expressing breastmilk daily now for the past 2 months. All the while I was using bottles from as they are the cheapest. It comes in a set of 6 for RM35 or 12 for RM65 and is widely available on many online baby sites. I actually have 3 sets, and last week I bought another set making it a total of 24 bottles. This is because the milk is getting more and more which is a good thing. I remember a couple of months ago that I wished and prayed for more milk to give Josiah. It was in the beginning such a chore to pump, usually getting nothing more than 3oz. I had to wake up at least twice in the nights to make enough milk for his consumption the next day.

After hitting 3rd month, the milk becomes a lot, now usually it can be as much as 5oz each time. So, I began to freeze more of it, and need more bottles. So today I run out of bottles again, 24 bottles are the fridge. One bottle was broken after John dropped it 🙁 but I substituted it with an Anakku bottle. Today while shopping at Jusco, we stopped by World of Cartoons and I was thrilled to find breastmilk bottles from Bumblebee. I love Bumblebee products, they are local made and very reasonable yet of high quality. So far, I had purchased quite a few things from them, but did not know they carry milk bottle lines. And it’s great coz it’s BPA Free. Read this to know more about why we should use BPA free bottles for babies.

The most important part is, it’s cheaper! It comes in a set of 8 bottles for only RM38, and there being a sale today made it RM31 only. I’m glad there’s an alternative now and I know where to get cheap good bottles.

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  1. Thank you for choosing Bumble Bee products. We are glad that you like it!

    Just to leave a note that Bumble Bee drops by…. hehe

    oh yah, btw, besides PP, PES bottle is also BPA-free and it is safe to use… check it out if interested..

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