Adiri Natural Nurser

Before delivery, I simply bought milk bottles at Anakku. After delivery, I felt I needed a better bottle for Josiah in order that he doesn’t choose bottle over breast. So, around 4 weeks of his life outside the womb, I started scouting for that perfect bottle. Ok call me crazy. Before we had a bottle, we used a syringe as taught by the hospital to feed Josiah with supplemental formula milk, coz at the time, milk production was really low. After 1 month old, he began to recognise the syringe and hates it so much, it became a chore just getting some milk into his mouth. That was why I needed a bottle immediately. It is important to note for breastfed babies that the baby must have established breastfeeding before being given a bottle, meaning he must already recognise the difference of breast and bottle in order he won’t be confused.

So I bought the Adiri Natural Nurser. This bottle is really unique in that there is no separate bottle nipple, like the standard ones. Plus, it actually looks like the breast haha. So when baby drinks from it, he won’t feel so cheated. Ok, somehow last time when I feed him with formula, I have the feeling like I’m cheating him, and he would look at me like with those eyes of why I’m feeding him formula instead. No problem now, as now he’s 100% drinking breast milk, even from the bottle while I’m at work.

The Adiri comes in 3 piece, the big cap, the body and the lower cap with the petal vent.

The petal vent part is what makes feeding more comfortable for baby, as air is released as baby sucks so baby sucks in less air. You know, coz there is no vacuum. Anyways, I actually bought it in a set of 3, it comes in 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6 months above. The difference is the flow of milk. Naturally, it is slower for 0-3 months.

Josiah is still using the one for 0-3 months, as he’s sucking so fast already according to the aunt. I can also see some wear and tear on the first bottle already. Maybe next month he has to change a new bottle. Ok the bad thing about the Adiri is, when the nipple is exhausted, you have to change the whole bottle not just the nipple. But since I bought 3 bottles at once, one bottle can be used for about 3 months, so why not. After 6 months, he probably should move on to sippy cups anyways, so there’s no need to really buy a long last bottle and many nipples. So far, I am extremely satisfied with this product, and I know he is too.

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  1. Hi I used to get it at Littlewhiz, but seems now it is not available. Fret not, as there are so many new and improved baby bottles out there suitable for breastfed babies.

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