Renew your insurance and road tax online

Last week, I found that my road tax is going to expire in less than a month. Normally, I would call my agent and she’d just ‘kau tim’ everything, but this time, I feel like I want to do it myself, by renewing it online. I have heard some good stuff about Myeg Services and decided to give them a try. Furthermore, they promised the best deal: attractive discounts, delivery to your doorstep, no vehicle registration card required, and even getting the fuel rebate banked in. Basically, everything can be done without having to start your car engine…

So I gave the service a try last Thursday, but after keying in my information on the 1st step of 3, the page went blank. I tried it on Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, but the same thing happened, so I emailed my complaints to Myeg immediately. About ten minutes later, they replied and asked for my phone number, so I gave my office number. Within minutes someone from Myeg called me and helped me to key in all my car details etc. Right after the phone call, I received their quotation in my email through a link. As soon as I clicked through, another call came and the person explained some things on the quotation. I was even given a RM14 discount on my road tax. I was given 2 options of payment, either through credit card or online bank in. I chose the earlier, as I heard the later will take a few days to go through. Later in the day, another call came to confirm receipt of my payment and confirmation of my address to delivery the road tax slip. I asked them to send to my office add. Now this is the weird part, even if you ask them to send to your office, somehow Myeg will always deliver to your house add. This happened to another blogger. So they promised delivery in 3 days, but I expected only to get it on Monday. However, I received the Pos Laju slip at my home on Saturday afternoon, while I was not home. But it was ok, since the Pos Laju depoh is not so far away from Kajang, only in Bangi, so I went there to collect, to find my road tax orange slip, nicely packed and delivered..well I guess not to my doorstep in this case.

Anyways, I really recommend using this service, I found it totally convenient. Next time, I don’t have to depend on agents and all that, and taking the trouble to go to my bank to get the vehicle registration card (geran). I used to have to do that for my agent. Later when I get my CDL, I’m going to use Myeg to renew it in future too.

Update: I received my fuel rebate banked into my account today and my insurance policy too! All within 3 working days..really.

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