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Without really thinking, I would usually say Kajang has nothing good to eat. That’s probably due to staying here for years, sometimes we just get sick of what’s closest to us. However, last couple of days, as I was thinking of what a person visiting Kajang can eat, I began to think of some pretty special food that one can only find in Kajang. This is going to be part of a series of blogs on what to eat in Kajang especially for ‘tourists’ or those visiting, strictly non-halal though!

Pork porridge in Kajang market area beside the river is one of the oldest establishments. According to John’s friend whose family runs the business, this small stall business had been around for 67 years!

This is the old uncle, who claimed he’s retired, but he still helps his daughter next to him to cook the porridge. Sometimes it’s not possible to pass down your special recipe kung fu to the next generation. What’s so famous about this porridge is that it is super smooth, minced pork is mixed into it and it’s cooked with egg, well, it’s totally different from normal porridge stalls basically. Thinking of it is not as appetizing as actually tasting it, once it gets in your mouth, immediately you’d realise why it’s actually so popular.

So good is the porridge that the uncle has no time to make drinks for his customers. However, customers can order drinks from the next door Mamak stall who is more than happy to send it over, maybe the porridge customers are their only customers too….

Why do I say this place is popular or famous? Coz it’s nearly always full, and that’s only in the morning. The porridge would actually run out by around 8.30pm on any normal day. I’m not sure how early they start, but customers are willing to wake up real early to taste his porridge. While I was eating there, I also noticed that the uncle had no time to rest and was cooking non-stop too. He’s already pretty old, so for those who haven’t tried, better get going. One bowl is around RM3++.

Updated on 4 June 2013

porridge shop

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  1. It would be really helpful if you could be more detail of the location of the pork porridge shop. like maybe the address or if you dont know it…you could add a map or something from =)

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