Kota Kinabalu, day 1 arrival

During the last Air Asia Promotion, we decided to book a trip to Kota Kinabalu where we always wanted to go, but no chance. Well, thanks to the free seats promo, we paid very minimal fair, only the tax at RM140 each to get there. Cannot believe it, never even visit our own Borneo neighbours. Anyways, since it was Labour day holidays, what could be a better time. We flew off to Kota Kinabalu, land below the winds as early as 6.45am.


KK has a delicious mascot!

Arriving at KKIA Terminal 2 at 9.30am, which is something like LCCT, the low cost terminal all for Air Asia. KK is a small town, but also a super hot one, so it’s not very advisable to go around on foot lest one contracts skin cancer from the sun. So, we decided to rent a car at the airport itself. There are a few companies just as one exit the terminal, we simply chose one with a lady called Celest Tan! The name of the company is called Tours Operator Rent@Car. We managed to get a lowest cc Kancil at RM80 per day, but you have to pay all the insurance and deposit, so the total was at RM294 for 3 days. Petrol is on our own, and we also put down a deposit of RM200. So it was RM594 poorer immediately!

We grabbed some KK road maps and brochures at the exit as well, jumped in the car and was well on our way to what else..EAT! That was the main mission of the trip. Of course, as we drove into the small town, marvelling at the beauty of the sea side, we cannot fathom what to eat. Coffee shops were everywhere, but what is good? Not knowing what we should try, I tried to sms a KK friend for advice, but I wasn’t even sure what is where. Well, we ended up at Centre Point, one of the malls, and had chicken rice.


Seems pretty normal.


The portion is rather little, but the rice is good, but overall pricey. With drinks it came to RM17.


Three layer Teh C or Teh C Peng Special can be found in KK too, but it’s rather commercialized kind and in some places doesn’t taste as good as ones found in Sarawak.


After filling the stomaches, we took walks around Centre point, Warisan Square, the latest mall in town. It has a pretty nice concept of open air shops and cafes and house most of the brands found in KL, like Times, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Espirit, Roxy….etc etc. Well, shopping wasn’t our main mission in KK where there were no sales going on.


Our check in at Tune hotel was only at 2.00pm so it was basically just walking around the town area wasting time…...


and well…some spying on some pretty Sabahan girls…


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11 Responses to Kota Kinabalu, day 1 arrival

  1. I just been to KK recently as well, and I find it boring around town as well. You should have try out the white water rafting at either Padas River or Kiulu.

    There’s basically nothing much around town, but food wise there should be plenty of local delicious food. Especially at night you should try the seafood at erm…... forgotten the name of the place, but quite far from town, it’s near UMS. Food is nice and price is reasonable.

    If interested, should try out Mount Kinabalu climbing. It’s a very interesting experience. I told myself before that I would never climb up Kinabalu summit because lack of interest and nver think of it just merely short of 10 yrs ago. But after came back, I’m planning for another climb within 2 yrs time.

    Anyway you can visit my friendster site for some photos!

  2. erm…you just come at the rite time…hehe

    KK just transfering from cold to too hot..a few weeks b4, it just raaaainning every evening…so by the time you got here…kk have stop raining for days…people of kk also complaining of this hot weather…fuh…

    come again…maybe you can go to Kundasang, Ranau…just below the Mount Kinabalu to get some free ‘aircond’.....try poring hot spring also at Ranau…

  3. U say KK is a small town…haiya, bandaraya sd o KK…maybe not as big as Kuching but it is one of the biggest condensed city in Sabah…Lion, sorry haven’t been here for a while…tp ko turun KK pun x hub sa…lain kali pg Sabah, hub sa…manatau sa bole tulun…

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