Good food can be found in Kajang too

I still get to eat authentic Sarawak Kolo Mee in Kajang, thanks for good Sarawakian friends with visiting parents. Yum…

I’ve been hearing about the pretty famous Broga fish from friends and bloggers for a long time now, but never made the trip to try it. Not until I watched Ho Chak on 8tv that featured the Broga fish. Watch the episode here.

Interestingly, the 8tv crew didn’t go to the shop that is actually the famous one amongst locals, but they visited another shop instead that is on the way there.

I went to the right one though, and it was the one after the temple and through a small, jungly road, into a place that’s actually a fishing pond. The restaurant is just next to the huge pond so you can watch fishes swim, not happily, coz they are anticipating their final day.
This is not beer.

It’s best to come here for lunch, but only if you’re not rushing. The fish does take a really long time to cook, I know I waited for more than half and hour.

The fish is cooked wrapped in aluminum foil and placed on top of a flat stove to ‘bakar’. Even vegetables are cooked this way, and it tastes great!

We ordered the Assam fish, and the fish is so fat I can’t quite finish it. The stuff is quite cheap too, totaling up to RM28 including one vege, rice and drinks. What I love about the place is the village environment, overlooking the mountains and lake. Very serene. Very nice. This place is only open from 11am to 7pm, so no dinners for you folks. It is also closed on Thursdays.

I saw the place the Ho Chak crew went to, which is on the main road. It looks like a new place with spanking new sign board. Since no bloggers wrote about that place, I don’t know how good it is. But the fish is also reared with the waters from the mountains, which is why Broga fish is known for its freshness and non-fishy taste.

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  1. You are making me hungry…it been a while I never had a meal with friends from U…I hope there is going to be a reunion that I can go…btw, why am I not on your blogroll? Sedih my heart like dis…I oledi add you to my blogroll…somemore, u never leave a comment in my blog…merajuk dis….just kidding lion…anytime, u can do dis for an old fren, rite? C ya

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