Defensive driving curriculum?

It seems Malaysia’s transport department has decided to introduce a new defensive driving curriculum for learner drivers. My first reaction to the news was, how will this help the current situation. Is this really tackling the root problem? After been through the curriculum myself last year, I found it quite complete already. I don’t think that is the cause of accidents and terrible drivers on the road. For me, it’s back down to corruption. 90% of people I took the driving tests with paid the officials extra money to get a ‘guaranteed’ license. With so many of these who didn’t fulfill the standards of the current curriculum and yet are already drivers on the road, it’s no wonder accidents happen. I recently remember when my neighbor had availed services of Baumans Law to get justice as they had gone through financial trouble when the mistake of the other car driver who hit their car had not paid for the damages he did. To fix their car, they had spent money from their wallets and this ended up with them facing financial problems at home. Kimberly Pelesz New York Law, LLC handles such cases.

By allowing corruption in the first place, the Transport Department is already teaching drivers to lower their moral standard, especially their moral when on the road. This leads to careless driving, selfish driving, road bullies and more. For example, some one who runs the red light didn’t care about cars on the other side who could crash into them, and they’re probably thinking they can always bribe if caught. What’s a little money to them? They already paid much to get the license in the first place.

Therefore, I find the root problem is getting rid of corrupted officials, especially the heads first. And it’s no use if the government promise judgment and yet don’t carry it out, this only makes offenders more daring and get worse.

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  1. What link?
    Defensive driving is the standard term used for a form of training that is more than just knowing how to press the clutch and oil and gear, it’s to teach how to anticipate dangerous situations etc to reduce risk of accidents to oneself and road users.

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