Upgrading to Awesome: First Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G in Awesome Ice Blue


Having been a loyal Samsung Galaxy A34 user for over a year, I recently took the plunge and upgraded to the brand new Galaxy A35 5G in the stunning Awesome Ice Blue color. Here are my first impressions after a few days of using it:

A Bold Step into Blue
The first thing that struck me was the phone’s design. The Awesome Ice Blue is truly eye-catching – a cool, shimmery shade that sets it apart from the usual black and grey options. The phone itself feels lighter and sleeker than the A34, thanks to the flat side frame and the glossy back (though a case is definitely recommended to avoid fingerprints). The glass back feels really premium compared to the matte finishing previously.

A Display Fit for Work and Play
The 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display is a dream. Compared to the A34, the colors are richer, blacks are deeper, and the 120Hz refresh rate makes everything buttery smooth. Scrolling feels effortless, and watching videos is an immersive experience.

Keeping Things Secure with Knox
One of the biggest reasons I stick with Samsung is their commitment to security. The A35 5G is no different, featuring Knox Vault to protect your sensitive data. Having used Knox on my A34 for over a year, I trust it completely to keep my information safe.

Beyond 5G: Where the A35 5G Shines
While the A34 also boasts 5G capabilities, the A35 5G starts to distinguish itself in other areas:

Processor Power: The A35 5G packs a newer and potentially faster Exynos 1380 processor compared to the A34’s MediaTek Dimensity 1080. This could mean smoother performance, especially for demanding apps and games.
Storage Speed: The A35 5G utilizes UFS 3.1 storage, which is generally faster than the UFS 2.2 used in the A34. This can lead to quicker app loading times and overall system responsiveness.
Camera Potential: Specs suggest similar camera setups on both phones, but there’s a chance the A35 5G might benefit from software improvements or a slightly different sensor, leading to potentially better image quality. Physically, the triple-lens looks bigger and sports a physical camera bump instead of sticking the lenses right on the back as per A33 and even my S22.

Similarities Worth Noting
Of course, there are also areas where the A34 and A35 5G are likely quite similar:

Display: Both phones boast a beautiful 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate.
Battery Life: Reports suggest similar battery capacities for both phones, so you can expect comparable usage times.
Security: Both phones come equipped with Knox for robust security features.
The Verdict: Upgrading is a Personal Choice

The decision to upgrade from the A34 to the A35 5G depends on your individual needs. If you’re a power user who craves the latest processing power and storage speeds, the A35 5G might be a worthwhile jump. However, if you’re happy with the performance of your A34 and prioritize other factors like battery life or design, you might be perfectly satisfied sticking with it. If you’re not even using a Samsung now, it’s a no brainer, UPGRADE!

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try out the A35 5G in person and see how it feels compared to your current phone, it’s available to try out at any Samsung stores. Or do take a look at my first look video.

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