5 Reasons to visit Lalaport BBCC

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Lalaport BBCC, Japan’s favourite mall just opened in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur today. There are so many reasons why you need to visit this mall as it is not your regular neighbourhood mall that has the same retail stores. We were there for a preview tour on 17 Jan 2022 prior to opening, video below. Now let me give you 10 REASONS why you should visit this mall for yourself.

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It’s not the first time a Japanese mall has opened in Malaysia. However, Lalaport is different because it is authentic not only in the Japanese themed architecture but also in the stores opening. There are many direct from Japan ‘firsts’ such as Nitori the first furniture and interior specialty store and Nojima, the first electrical appliances shop to open in Malaysia. The Gourmet Street feels like walking through one of the gourmet streets in Tokyo. I love that it is outdoors as ventilation is of great importance in this endemic era. Only Starbucks and Matcha Eight was opened during the preview tour, but I can only imagine the whole street filled with Sushi shops and more. This is also where the Lrt Hang Tuah connects to the mall directly, so it’s super convenient.

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2. Automated Washlets in every washrooms

I was surprised that every washroom stall is installed with this washlet with seat heater and hands free cleaning. This is quite common in Japan but probably a first in Malaysia. Some malls might have this in special premium toilets or certain floors but not every and each washroom! I love how they put a lot of attention to ensure a nice and clean washroom that is not going to be wet and nasty. Let’s hope us Malaysians use it responsibly.

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3. Dedicated Family Dining Areas

At Level 4 Garden Dining, which is huge, there is a special Family Dining Area complete with tiny wash basins, small tables and chairs for kids. I love the camping theme with lots of space for kids to run about so parents can dine in peace. Besides the dining area is a very complete washroom area for toddlers, babies, mums and parents. There is a nice and spacious nursing room for mums and a separate diaper changing room as well as special washroom for toddlers learning to use the loo by themselves.

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4. Buy Japan made bedding, furniture and more at Nitori

Nitori is open and it is the very first store in Malaysia. I love this store because I did check out the sofa, bed, tables and cabinets and I would really want to buy them all. The pricing is affordable and the quality looks amazing. Japanese inspired homes is definitely popular due to its warm and welcoming feel. This is a great place to purchase such furniture and it’s also a one stop center. There are so many special items here including N-sleep which carries pillow covers and beddings in 3 levels of cooling touch. In Malaysia, the nights can get particularly hot so N-sleep will be so useful to us, saves electricity bills from not using too much aircond.

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5. First Coo&Riku and Cat Cafe

This might be the main reason why I will keep visiting Lalaport. The Cat Cafe is built on the Roof Garden floor where there will be lots of grass to slumber around while performances are held at the outdoor stage. Meanwhile I will be in the Cat Cafe playing with over 50 breeds of Felines, hopefully from Japanese descent too. A glimpse at the inside of the cat cafe looked like a lot of fun for cats, lots of places for them to run and climb about, and of coz nap. 

In fact there are more reasons to visit Lalaport, such as the led lighted flight of stairs which will be popular for photography, shopping galore, food and more. However, take note that these are all opening in stages so do not be disappointed when visiting now. At least it is not untenanted lots, they are just getting ready to open. Meanwhile, it is nice to take in the newness of the facilities and enjoy it minus the crowd as I can tell, in future this will be a very popular mall for locals and tourists alike. To avoid jam and parking, you can visit by the MRT and stop at Merdeka and take a short walk or by Monorail to Hang Tuah which is attached to the mall.

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