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I heard there is a new indoor playground in Starling Mall PJ that really stands out. The boys got very excited to check it out so we paid a visit last weekend. Kiddomo Universe is located on Level 3 besides the foodcourt and it prides itself as the Future Playland. You will find out why.

First off, most parents will be glad to know Kiddomo really focuses on a clean environment that is germ free. Not only is the sanitiser available everywhere, they also have air purifiers in every corner. If that is not enough, they also utilise Smartcost tech which protects the plac 24/7. No worries for us parents about what’s inside the ball pit.

Check out the highlights of our day there.
We were each given this bracelet to wear as we enter the playland. Apparently, it has a scanner inside that is needed to play the games here.

At the entrance, there is a row of workstations, where the boys quickly registered themselves.

Kids are so high tech nowadays, they did everything by themselves and even taught us how to do it. They need to take a selfie here so that the scanner recognises them in all the other games.

This is as easy as playing iPad for them. They created their own avatar and it will appear in the screen above with their faces on it. You can see that in the video.

The first stop is this really huge ball pit. There’s also a climbing and sliding area in here and a Dinosaur egg digital game. This place really kept the boys occupied for sometime. I love that there are many comfortable seating area for the parents around here.

Right besides the ball pit is the cafe, so it’s very relaxing for parents to have some time out here while sipping some coffee and enjoying a cupcake.
Unicorn rides are everywhere in the playland and the boys really enjoyed ‘travelling’ around in these in a vast area.

There is this dark aquarium room for younger ones to do some quiet art and craft time here. This is a nice touch for some resting away from the active play.

If kids get tired, they can also hang out to watch some cartoons here. However, I really doubt any kids will watch TV when they have all the exciting and fun games around them.

There’s also a baby gym for crawling babies to learn some balancing and climbing here too. It’s very safe here with absolutely no sharp corners.

Washrooms for the kids are available and it’s very baby friendly with a nursing room too.

There’s even a Karaoke room for kids, though the song selection are rather limited. Some of the popular songs can be rather unfitting for kids.

Then we move to the other section of the playland called Yume Dreamland and there’s this big climbing area with slides. I even tried sliding down myself and it’s very fast and exhilirating.

There’s also this fun bike game. It’s not just a normal bike, as it is facing a huge digital screen.
We finally came to the Mickey and the Roadster Racers Supercharged activity. This is a really fun parent child activity where we get to colour our chosen character from the show and see it come alive on the screen.


First we coloured the car on this paper and scan it and it will onto the screen. We can use our hands to control the car and make it move faster.
This is pretty fun to be able to see our art come alive on a huge giant screen.
We even can get it printed out and make a 3D craft out of the paper.
We did a lot more things here and easily spent a few hours here. The boys were reluctant to leave for dinner!
Kiddomo also holds craft activities on weekends like this Paperplate Drum workshop on this coming Saturday 2 Feb from 1pm-2pm.

If you love coming here a lot, then just buy the package for some big savings. I will definitely be bringing the boys here again for some techie fun!
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