Letting My Child Be So Much More


There’s nothing more precious than my family. Recently I saw a new TVC from Dumex Dugro®, showing an unconditional love story between a smart kid called Aidan and his mom. The child adored his mom because she has been supporting and providing so much for him to ensure he grows up being so much more.

Here’s the link to the Dugro® Dear Mum TVC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u69pVkWU8g
The cute boy in the video so reminds me of my son, Jordan and the activities we do together.

Jordan is my beloved youngest son. Although he may drive me up the wall at times, he will always be my baby and my best buddy.
jordan 3
At this growing age, he has started to explore what he loves doing. For example, every time he sees his brother cycling and participating in sports competitions, he wants to take his bike out to cycle too. There was one time when he was so motivated that he even cycled and picked up his bike and walked up the hill. I’m so impressed by the skills that my son has developed. It’s also the immense feeling of love I feel every day when I see him – watching him smile and laugh, watching him develop and having that responsibility and sense of purpose.

jordan 7

Jordan has also started to enjoy reading a lot lately. My husband and I used to read to him at night but he prefers to play his toys and stay up pass his bedtime. We did not stop but continue to encourage him and now, the nightly bedtime reading has become one of his favourite activities. No matter how tired I am, I always make an effort to read to him because the bonding time we have together is priceless. Our child can be so much more if we continue to support, encourage and love them. I must say, I’m amazed how much he has grown.
jordan 1
Jordan is also very active as he loves the outdoors a lot, especially climbing activities. He is very fascinated by exploration and challenging physical activities such as rock climbing, which is great. However, as a mum, letting and watching him doing outdoor activities does create some sort of natural anxiety inside of me. Yes, I’m worried even if he sits on a swing at the playground but I know that my son is better off exploring the world to the edge of his natural limits. I believe he will grow up to be a strong and independent man. Well, guess I just have to let him try it out and learn – best lessons come from the school of “hard knocks” … life experience!
jordan 2

Just like his brother Josiah, Jordan loves arts as well. Recently, he started exploring the world of arts with all kinds of materials that I can find for him. I decided to sign him up for an arts class and since then, he has been spending a lot of time at home drawing. I’m so proud of his drawing skills. I love kids’ artwork because their ideas are very original and somewhat pure. He is very proud when I display all his artwork on the wall for display.


We recently went to the Dugro® So Much More roadshow which was held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. It was such a fun roadshow! They had several interactive games and on-ground activities and games for kids to play. This is the ‘Match the Nutrients’ game, which Jordan had to use a long stick to pick up the alphabets and match the right ones on the board. This must be his favourite one because he played it over and over again!
I’m sure we all remember this fishing game. We used to play this when we were kids – such a classic game! This is definitely Jordan’s favourite game for sure.
Jordan is currently drinking Dugro®, a growing-up milk brand which is formulated with DHA, LcFOS and 15 vitamins and minerals. Because milk is a good source of protein and calcium, I make sure he gets at least 2 glasses of milk daily. His favourite one is the chocolate range, especially when it’s chilled!

The best part of the entire roadshow was Jourdan and I had the opportunity to build a customized backpack. Moms who purchased 6 packs of Dugro® 900g (any variants) are entitled to redeem this special backpack.

Jordan even had his own name embroided on the backpack! How cool was that? He also selected his favourite design patches to match his green backpack.


I even crafted a personal message for him, to be attached inside the backpack. He won’t be able to read it now, but I’m sure he loves the backpack very much and will cherish it forever.


Check out how the bags were prepared on the spot. Moms also have an option to redeem the backpacks online after their purchases at the roadshow. It is definitely a great gift for our little ones.

Starting from 1st march till 30th April 2017, the roadshow campaign will take place all over Malaysia. So do check out the locations and dates here: http://www.dugro.com.my/

So proud of my little man!

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