How I Shopped on Hermo with MOLpay Cash

We’ve all heard of MOLPay, it is Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider and we see it every time we shop online and pay with our credit card and and a payment successful email will be sent to us when we have already paid. There are so many ways to pay nowadays, that you just need to find what is the most convenient for you. I believe we will pay with cryptocurrencies in the future. So, if you wish to try trading Bitcoins, it is high time to start using Crypto Trader online ptatform. Well, now there’s something new called MOLPay Cash in partnership with 7-Eleven that allows consumers to pay for their online shopping physically with cash at selected 7-Eleven stores. Watch the video below to understand how it works.

I think this is great to get people into the habit of not living on credit all the time, also not everyone owns a credit or debit card right, and now there’s this new hassle free, convenient way to shop online yet no need to pay online. After all, 7-Eleven is found at every corner, there’s one right below my office and another one just a few blocks away.

Well, in order to show you how MOLPay Cash works, I did some shopping on Hermo that accepts MOLPay Cash payment method. It is not very obvious how to pay with this method on the website so do read on to find out how plus I even have a special voucher code for my readers who want to shop as well.

In case you don’t know, Hermo stocks lots of beauty products and skincare from Korea, Taiwan and Japan at a pretty low price. I just bought Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow for half the price available locally.

After I chose all the products I want and click on Check Out, I am brought to the types of Payment page. At Step 3 Payment Method, Choose Credit/Debit Card in order to later choose MOLPay Cash with 7-Eleven.

Then you will come to this page and notice so many types of payment options, tick the 7-Eleven logo if you wish to use MOLPay Cash.

This confirmation page will appear showing the Transaction ID and Verification Code. These are the two numbers needed by 7-Eleven to ensure the cash you pay them goes to your purchase. I choose to just print it out, else you can even just take a picture on your phone.
With this slip, just head to your nearest 7-Eleven and tell them at the counter that you want to pay using MOLPay Cash and they will take your cash and give you two receipts after payment, it will be a MOLPay receipt and 7-Eleven receipt.

Finally, to get your discount at checkout, key in HMOLPAYCASH05 and get RM5 off for any purchase of RM60 above ( valid till end of this year). After your payment, just head back home/office and wait for your products to arrive! So simple. From my experience, my products arrived in about 7 days, but that is because there were a lot of holidays last week. It was shipped up in 5 days.

Hermo products came in a normal brown box like this. The products inside are wellpacked with bubbble wrap all over.

What did I get? Check these out! I repurchased the Clio Tinted Brow Tattoo because it is just amazing plus the package came with free lip tints! It was only RM42 on Hermo. I also purchased Naruko Products that I’m so in love with now, it’s great that Hermo stocks Taiwan products too.

For more information, please visit official website MOLPay CASH and Hermo .

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