Calligraphy 101 with Samsung Galaxy Note5 S Pen #pinkisnow

I had always have an interest in learning calligraphy after seeing so many beautiful instagram posts from some of my friends who are so good at this. I always wondered how in the world can people use their hands to write words that are so beautiful it looks like they are printed. Well, thanks to Samsung for holding this Brush Calligraphy 101 mini workshop, now I know and I actually have a new found hobby too.

The mini workshop was taught by Calligraphy artist, Jil Sta from the Philippines and it was such a pleasure meeting this cute and pretty artist..she’s also highly tech savvy, being a software engineer and all. She makes a great teacher as her passion for calligraphy really rubs off on me.

Samsung Malaysia had brought all the media together for an afternoon hi-tea Valentin’s Day theme event held at Tour Les Jours Empire Damansara and it was so beautifully decorated with pink flowers everywhere. The sweet smell of roses permeated the air mixed with warm coffee aroma, a perfect afternoon to enjoy our time while learning about the innovative S Pen.

We did actual pen to paper brush calligraphy and I totally enjoyed it. It was my first time and it was so fun, but I think I will be needing lots of practice to get my strokes right. I learned that I could incorporate any kind of handwriting with thick and thin strokes to make it modern calligraphy. I couldn’t wait to start making cards and quotes for people together with my artwork in future.

Although I love using pen and paper any day, the cool thing about the all new S Pen exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note series is that it can be used digitally to draw directly on the phone whenever pen and paper is not in sight. Also, one special thing I found that the S Pen can do that a normal pen couldn’t was to be able to write OVER a photo in a lighter shade. To do such a feat, I would normally need to load a pic in photoshop on the PC, but with the Samsung Galaxy Note and S Pen, it is just too easy.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now comes in PINK! Pink is the new rage these days. The shiny gold Pink finish just makes the phone so delicious, even I couldn’t help but look at it longingly. With the powerful camera, I took a photo of my surrounding and used the S Pen to start practising my new found calligraphy skills on the screen itself. My work of art could be printed out immediately too.

Do you like my art on the Note5? It was really easy, while sipping coffee I could produce 3-4 pieces on the spot. Plus, I do not have to worry about making a mistake as I can just go backwards and reco it all over again until I get it perfected.


Tous Le Jours served us some really awesome cakes and tarts.

As of now, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available in 5 colours, Gold Platinum, White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold, the colours of the macarons in our gift box. So many to choose from! Thanks Samsung for the beautiful flowers that decorated my home for a week.

Offered for a limited time only, the Galaxy Note5 Pink Gold makes for an excellent gift for that special someone with V-Day around the corner too. The sassy new colour is available for purchase from 21 January onwards (while stocks last) at a recommended retail price of RM2,699 (inclusive of GST).

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25 Responses to Calligraphy 101 with Samsung Galaxy Note5 S Pen #pinkisnow

  1. ur calligraphy is nice!! how i wish i could have a beautiful handwriting like urs too. im thinking of throwing away my note 2 and getting a note 5, should i? haha

  2. That shade of pink is so sweet and innocent, seeing so many brands heading that direction making me feel like revamping my wardrobe to a sweeter pastel pantone too!

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