Air Supply 40th Anniversary World Tour in Malaysia

If you were born in the 70s and early 80s, you would probably have heard of the Renowned Australian soft rock band, Air Supply while growing up. They sing amazing love songs and I can still remember their lyrics from the days me and my sisters hang out in our house balcony, singing a duet together.


Thanks to organizer, E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd. I was able to watch their intimate concert Live in Malaysia, as they were in Malaysia for the band’s 40th Anniversary World Tour Final Leg. It was held in the Imperial Ballroom of One World Hotel Bandar Utama on 5 Dec 2015, not a huge ballroom, so you can imagine how up close and personal the fans and I was that night with the duo.

The list of songs sung that night were:

Sweet Dreams
Even The Nights
Just As I Am
Every Woman
Here I Am
I Adore You
Graham’s Solo
Two Less Lonely
The One That You Love
Lost In Love
Making Love
Desert Sea Sky
Shake it
All Out Of Love


Russell Hitchcock really interacted with the fans in the whole ballroom
“Air Supply is a household name that has painted joyous and unforgettable memories over generations of listeners. Their inspiration to the growth and development of the music industry is undeniable, making the legendary duo one of the most respected bands in the world. E-Plus and fans alike are extremely excited that they have decided to perform the final leg of this World Tour in Malaysia,” said Andrew Ching, founder of E-Plus.

Graham Russell changed at least 4 guitars during the hour plus showcase

It was amazing to watch these two guys perform, the chemistry between them was electrifying, having performed for 40 years together. They called each other best friends and made fun of each other like brothers. For those who know Russell, you’d know how he can belt and sing really high and his voice is just flawless. Well, at the concert, I was blown away by this LIVE voice which I could honestly say was like 100 times better than the recording.

I didn’t know prior to that day that Graham was also a poet, and he took the stage alone, while Russell took a tea break, and he recited a most thought provoking and lovely poem called Softly. In fact, he told the audience that he actually published a poetry book.

Later, Russell returned and the two men started again singing their hit songs, when suddenly, Graham jumped down from the stage and into the audience. I think the audience was in a stage of shock for a few seconds as no one moved. Then, when what seemed like they awoke from a trance, a lady from the audience scamper out to selfie with Russell, did everyone realise what just happened.

What ensued was a bunch of people trying to grab a picture of the duo, trying to grab their shirts while the whole time, they did not stop singing. When your idol put their trust in you and walked into the crowd like this, putting themselves in danger, they somehow will earn the respect and love of the fans, I can’t explain this. I could see the smiles and the glittering eyes of the audience around me as they sang along, reminiscing over their past, be it a beautiful relationship or a hurtful one, they managed to get through the good and sad times thanks to listening to songs by Air Supply. I must admit, some of their songs seriously moved me near to tears as well.


It was a beautiful night and I was so glad I was there, able to bask in the new and old songs of Air Supply.

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  1. looks like you have a fun night. I seldom go out night, hehe.. if near to me I can consider. Air Supply maybe my dear would know more haha..

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