Mandarin Court Hotel Staycation Review

Recently, I got to stay in this hotel Mandarin Court in Jalan Maharajalela Kuala Lumpur, and from the outside, it is nothing to shout about. However, once in the room, I was quite pleased with it and here are some reasons why.

I stayed in the cheapest room available that night during Bon Jovi’s concert so that I didn’t have to be stuck in the jam going home. This hotel is perfect for stayovers during concerts because it is just walking distance across the bridge to the Stadium Merdeka. Anyways, there is a bathtub in my room! Bathtubs will win over any other feature in hotels I stay in.

There were some standard nice toiletries available for our use, looking quite pleasant and all.

A separate sink and toilet area in the bathroom. I love old hotels as it is totally sound proof. It has thick walls that when I flush, people outside won’t hear it, unlike those new style hotel bathrooms with transparent glass pretending to be walls!

We have wardrobe that is large enough to keep my large luggage! I love this so I don’t have to throw my luggage on the floor with the clothes flying everywhere when we change.


Standard but nicely arranged coffee making facilities, even using IKEA mugs. There is actually a notice saying we have to pay extra if we ask them for extra packets of coffee, but my sis went to ask and they gave her a few packets for free, aww maybe they were charmed by her beauty.

The queen bed was large and the sleeping area was quite spacious for us, having been made to sleep in even the tiniest hotels before.

There was this controller next to the bed for lazy people that controlled everything from the TV to all the lights. Nice.

Of course, being an old hotel, it’s still using the very old extinct Box TV. I don’t mind that too much as we hardly watch TV. Astro channels were available though.

I saved the best for last. This hotel actually has a rooftop pool, a baby pool and an adult pool, although quite small. What was epic was….from this pool we could view the Stadium Merdeka! Free concerts for everyone! Of course, it was just from behind the stadium but better than nothing right?

Here I leave you with the nice view of the Stadium. The hotel was booked through for the best deals!

19 Responses to Mandarin Court Hotel Staycation Review

  1. Ah… I wanted to go to Bon Jovi concert but was concerned about transportation since I would be taking public transport. This would have been an ideal hotel in my case!

  2. Haha I remembered you say could see bon jovi live from your room lol! Must have been a great weekend with good room service and mmnot to mention food music from the legend himself!

  3. I passed by this hotel many times but did not go in or stay there before. It looks pretty decent and clean despite it exist for a long time. Surely it a bonus to be able to view stadium merdeka from the pool area.

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